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Fight it today....!!!!

Human being has a tendency to run away from difficulties and complications and problems in life but the fact is that unless you face them we don’t get rid of them. All of it is going to follow us on our shoulders pulling us into lower and lower levels of life until we reach a darker side of it and we lose ourselves, our confidence, our family and loved ones, and at last, we stand alone with no one to help us to get back to life.

But there is always something with us during our difficulties, which tries to help us to come out of them and we always fail to listen to it and it always wants to help us. It’s our subconscious mind which always does the good thing to us, and as everyone tells we can’t cheat ourselves and fool ourselves. In spite of this too we still regret to listen to it and fail in things we do. Any person would not have wanted to do bad to oneself and spoil one’s own life…!!!
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Instead of sitting in a dark corner and thinking about problems over and over and going into the depth of it, why not fight out today, this moment and get out of it. All you need is a little push and a support. When problems come to us they do bring solutions along. It’s just that we’ll be so gotten lost in the problem that we ignore the solution. Every problem has its own end; there is no saying that problems are not going to end. It’s just that it takes lots of patience and confidence and proper thinking that can bring us out of it. If you’re stuck in a complication make sure you share it out and get helped. We all do have some good friends and mentors and family members who can help us out.

If great leaders would have not come forward and fought for their people and freedom may be no one would have got it... Let not be national leaders but we have to be leaders to ourselves. We have to push ourselves through thick and thin and come out of it.
Bring in the confidence to have your self-esteem and place your values, listen to yourself, master your patience and be prepared to face any complications that come to you and give it your best and let it not bother you once again...!!!

Go, fight for yourself, and win it...!! Neither anything in the world is easy to win, nor hard to take on to fight for it. All you need is yourself...!!!!!

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Chandana Mala C L
Chandana Mala C L is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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