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Challenging the Challenge - The story of Jaipur Foot

Can I jump?
Can I dance?
Can I experience the nuances of nature?
Can I run through the forests?
And challenge the limits of horizon
Can I experience the freedom?
That we all humans experience
Alas…. I can’t.
I have lost…….
The rising Sun is no longer the promise of a bright day….
Can someone extend a helping hand?
In this day of darkness…

The Challenge of Calamities

Have you seen a physically challenged person with amputee? What did you think? What ideas came to your mind? Have you ever thought about the trauma and pain that person undergoes? Have you ever thought what would happen if ever you face such a situation in your personal life?

Those heads of countries, which order for war, never think about the calamities on the common people. Most of the places where war takes place, there are a large number of people who are amputees and physically challenged. These people face a lifelong challenge. What should be done for such people? How can we help such people? How can we assist those who can lead a normal life if they are provided with a limb? Why should wars, accidents and other such man-made problems ruin somebody’s life?
Challenging the Challenge  -  The story of Jaipur Foot, physically challenged
Sri D.R Mehta underwent similar questions in 1974-5. He met with an accident and was hospitalized for a considerable time. He barely escaped amputation. He was just wondering what would have happened had he suffered an accident. That was the time when people were celebrating 2500th anniversary of Bhagwan Mahaveer (24th Thirthankar in Jain Religion). People were thinking about doing something for the benefit of humanity to commemorate 2500 years of Bhagwan Mahaveer. Mr. Mehta thought on the idea of starting something for the benefit of people through transplantation of body parts. He, along with a group of philanthropists started Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS). This organisation provides limb transplantation free of cost. All the expenses including stay of the patient are taken care by the organisation. It also provides other assistance like wheelchair etc.

This organisation also undertakes camps for affected people. Guess the location where they would be undertaking the next camp? Yes, you can guess it – it's Afghanistan. Those who ravaged the city, have left, but those who are reeling under dire circumstances, need someone to help them. BMVSS is there for such people.

In 1975, BMVSS was able to assist 59 patients, and by now, it has assisted almost 1.5 million families. Its impact is amazing. Another amazing aspect of this organisation is its ability to keep its operational expenses to the minimum. By ensuring that all its focus is for the assistance of the challenged person, it is able to serve the humanity with bare minimum operational expenses.

The nature is our common treasure
The wealth is our common treasure
The resources are our common properties
We are all trustees
We have all joined together to help each other
To help each other is to create a community
We can overcome any challenge
Through our supportive hands
Let’s help those who are facing the challenge
Let’s overcome all calamities and tragedies
Let’s promise a brighter future
Let’s prove the strength of Human connection
Yes, No challenge can be a challenge
Our supporting network can become
The substitute of God

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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