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Change Management

Change… the process of transformation
Never a smooth journey…
But, the result is always a great dream accomplished
Change – which can help people actualize their dreams
Change - which can help common citizens
Change –which can help us all
Is not a smooth journey
It is built by iron will and human touch
It is supported by dreamers and visionaries
Let us join in supporting these changemakers
Let us be among the changemakers

Introducing change is not easy, especially in a government department. There are oppositions; some for fictitious reasons and some for unknown fears. Implementing a change, even if it is for good, requires a very dynamic approach to managing people and processes. Introducing change can sometimes completely transform the organisation into a new form, which may have altogether new appearance and new offerings. Introducing a change is easier if you are in a position of power; it is difficult if you have to take those in power into confidence. Change management can be the source of creating a great value to the people and can convert a public sector organisation into a truly public organisation.
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Archieves (Archieves is a government department which collects and preserves old documents) in Bikaner was once only a treasure of old documents. Hardly a few people would really benefit from its existence. If a person would visit this department to trace out his old land records, it would be very difficult to trace out those old documents and the person would soon realize how difficult it is to work with a government department. However, Mr. Mahendra Khadgawat decided to transform it when he joined here as a director a decade ago. He started the process of digitalization of this department. He converted over 50 lakh old documents into online documents which can be accessed online. He invited historians to visit the department and organized seminars. He also started presenting awards and recognitions to historians. This has converted his department into an active hub, where people visit to know about history and our background. Today, his department is one of the most important tourist attractions in Bikaner. He further went on to prepare a Gallery (for tourists) where he presented detailed description of over 200 freedom fighters and also presented old manuscripts and documents. His colleagues now explain to the visitors about the old documents and how they are preserved. These freedom fighers have recorded their first hand encounter of freedom struggle for the department and these are available to common people in recorded CDs and DVDs. It is a matter of pride that Archieves of Bikaner is the first truly digitalized Archieves of India. This has benefitted historians and common people tremendously. A large number of books are now being written on history based on the rich collection of documents made available by the Archieves. The common people find it very easy to search their old land records with the help of the website of this department. Truly, e-governnance can completely transform the government departments and they can become truly public department (in service of public).
You might wonder from the above paragraph that it was a smooth transition. No change is smooth. There are always resistances. People oppose the change and oppose it vehemently if they find that the change process may become successful. This is a human nature. However, change management is an art, which some people acquire by training and some people get through experience. Change management requires you to understand people and it requires you to have tremendous determination and a compelling vision for social development. Mr. Mahendra Khadgawat is gifted in this art as he is both a good team worker and a good visionary. He presented the great vision that he had and displayed an iron will to execute the change. His efforts have succeeded and he has today transformed the Archieves of Bikaner into something new, something truly public department.

Let us all wish that the government officers across the country love and implement change to convert their department into truly public department, which can transform our country. Let us all wish that all government departments are headed by passionate people, who are great visionaries and who love to bring about change.
I wish my government to be public
And public to be truly public
I wish my government to use technology
And technology to be truly helpful
I wish my country to present itself
And people to be proud of what we are

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