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Freedom beyond Fears

A life is all about beliefs; we believe that we live on a planet named earth. We have a solar system and only one sun; we believe that there is a Law named gravitation due to which we all have our feet landed on the earth. Centuries back the persisting belief was that the earth is flat but one day one man came and proved it wrong. Similar things happened with the beliefs like position of solar system, terrestrial objects, weather cycles and reasons for many diseases with the gust of storm of time. All the beliefs turned out to be myths and several new theories came into existence.

The blind following of beliefs is a common practice now too. We get thoughts inculcated in us and with time they become our beliefs; we believe that the education is important for our livelihood and existence. We have trust in the institutions and we don’t want to question because we are told not to do that. Now the thought comes- the common human nature is to seek the formidable. So, why don’t we seek the things we are asked not to do.
Freedom beyond Fears, belief
Contemplating in depth, we can find the real reason. Those beliefs have been made connected to our religion and faith for God, and we believe that there is a super power and we follow the practices to praise Him or to praise the faith. Now the next thought in school of thoughts is- what made the history to evolve these theories and beliefs?

If we sit quietly and introspect, we can see the real reason. What made us blindly follow something was not the complete knowledge of the subject but, it was something hidden to us and that which we fear about. We are little afraid and that fear blocks our mind to think freely. Rather, we start thinking on emotional grounds and follow the practices in the name of traditions. This is a common human nature and this is the reason why religion and faith on super natural powers were introduced. There was a time when humans were evolving and since their natural instincts were barbarian and they loved to be free from all limits, there was a chaos in the world; relations, emotions, brotherhood, respect, all these soft words and feelings were losing their existence and people were getting involved in practising free will, that too in a destructive manner. This made few intellectuals feel that all such practices might lead the human existence to an impasse. They, thus decided to search for some rules, some principles of nature. They went around the world and observed the habits of many organisms, the movement of sun, stars, change in seasons and thus concluded few principles of nature.

This was the birth of science and a new era began in which using a newly found tool, science, the intellectuals made rules for humans. But there was another problem. Since normal human beings were too busy in enjoyment and fights, there was no reason why these humans believed and followed the principles and rules, which were about to restrict their freedom to some extent.

Now it was the time when another tool was forged by the great minds of that era, the religion! The humans were told about the miracles of nature but they were not explained in the scientific terms. Rather, they were told those as deeds of some invisible and omnipresent super powers. The humans were terrified and they succumbed to the concept of Gods and Goddesses. They started believing it and developed faith in them. Now, since humans are unknown of the real reasons, this ignorance amplifies their fear and this fear blocks their ability to reason and question. By this way, the free moving, barbarian and uncivilized humans were tamed by the whip of principles of science in the name of religion.

If we sit silently for a moment and observe the nature around us, we can feel that the real inspiration comes from the nature; the chirping sound of the birds, the roar of predators, the color pattern of peacock, the formation of clouds, the human body itself, they all can inspire us in all aspects from art to science. The humans got the inspiration from the nature and as a gratitude to her, they declared her to be a Goddess and all her elements as Gods.
This set of principles, albeit tamed the human beings and made them civilized, but at the same time, made them followers too. Now the common humans need a hero to follow; a saint or a priest or self proclaimed envoy of God. No doubt, many of those saints and priests actually led a life of abeyance; they were ascetic and devoted their life in the search of the absolute truth. They explored the potential human powers and hidden principles of nature and did a significant deed in the growth of human civilization. But the sad part was that many of those saints and priests used the belief of masses in a wrong way to satisfy their own ego and to quench their thirst of popularity. They enjoyed being worshiped, made their own territories and made segregations amongst the humans in the name of religions.

The worst part of those practices came when the common human got so busy in his/her day to day cliché schedule that he/she almost forgot the real purpose of being on the earth, the natural inquisitive instinct, the reasoning and logical approach. The masses follow the religion without pondering over the reasons and explanations of the practices. As a result, the common humans are ignorant to the real sciences and mysteries of nature. They just see the sea from being at shore, and never jump into it, wearing the suit of reasoning and having a mask of logical approach. The common masses fear to jump into the sea as they are told that they will be drowned, but the real freedom is fathoming the depths of the ocean.

The real freedom is beyond the limits of any limitations; it is in seeking the absolute, carving from amorphous the shape one wants. The real freedom is beyond all fears.

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Abhishek Singh Rathore
An engineer by profession and a thinker by avocation.

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