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What is the universal concept of power?

Power- A word that can shake the lives of a million and influence the life of the one. A word so missunderstood that people have accepeted its dictionary definition. This is the power of the word power.

Science, literature, language and philosophy walk into a room with a man sitting inside. The man (it) observes them walking hand in hand. But from a perspective that is shared by the four personified entities, they are always in a constant battle to make themselves seem superiour in the eyes of man. When this man is infulenced by any one of the four entities, it (the man) accepts this as a belief system and uses it like a filter to observe the universe around it. Thus are born, the scienists, the story tellers, the mathematicians, the surgeons and every other source of energy dissipation (careers and intellect).
What is the universal concept of power, understanding
Now, observe... Out of these four entities, one of them holds a grasp over our man in the room. But what we did not realize is that these four entities have been created and personified by this man himself. If this man did not create words (with definitions) to represent these sources of energies, these entities would not exist for him (in language) but just be something else that the man ignores or choses not to understand.

SO BASICALLY, our man created entities entering his room and allowed one of them to take control over its mind. Man creates position of power so that this power can control it (man) using beliefs of the man itself. People ask if power is two way or is it just one way. But the answer lies in the mind of the person asking this question. If our man knew that the entitiy has power over it (man) it would be two way because it would be aware of a sustaining system where one will not exist without another. Whereas if it (man) did not know that the entity has power over it, the system becomes one way where a blind control by the created entity will overpower it (man) for the rest of its life (untill the moment of realization).

Therefore as a conclusion, power is neither two way nor one way. It simply does not exist. We individuals or a group create it in our minds and then decide on how the system will work making it either two way or one way.
By analysing an existing power, we are merely becoming a part of the process of realization to change it from one way to two way. After doing so, man will usually end up abandoning it owing to the fact that this power has controlled a major part of its (mans) life. Therefore it is ideal (but not necessary) for man to simply abandon being a part of this created power (by an unknown source) and move on to a state of total loss of control by an external source (vandalism/anarchy/revolutionary behaviour/freedom fighters/equilibrium/self sustainance/flight/mind opening/meditation/nirvana).

My writing about what needs to be done is not a written statement about what man should do. This is what has been a general practice of man and many other parts of the nature around it (man). It is likely that man will experience feelings of regret and sorrow and anger knowing things about itself (man) through nothing but a sheet of paper with words (another entity created by man in the room which is trying to gain control of its mind). But the way of life is such for both the living and the non living.

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Anant Shastri
Anant Shastri is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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