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Aly Hirani- Forecaster Hairstylist

Aly Hirani was born in Mumbai and did his schooling from Hyderabad. His mother -Maherunissa Fidai has been working in the same field from past 25 years as a beautician. Aly started his stint with hair when he was barely 15, and after 10 years, he gives his contemporaries a run for their money. 
Aly Hirani- Forecaster Hairstylist, tollywood,bollywood,hard working
In mid of 2004, Aly got trained in ‘Juice’ – one of the trendiest salon chains with branches across metros and mini-metros catering to the beauty needs of ardent fashion followers, trendsetters and celebrities. Soon after completing his course of training, he started his journey with juice salon in Mumbai. He then shifted to Hyderabad and worked with Hakim's Aalim for 3 years followed by working with Ashton Pierra for 3years. Soon he was on a verge of seeing his dreams turn to reality as he got to enter the fields of Bollywood and Tollywood. Aly was lucky enough to have worked with hairstyles of various actors and actresses like Cyrus, Partiv Patel, Prabas, Varun Sandesh, Allu Sirish, Praneeta, Adha Sharma, Siddharth just to name a few. He did styling for movies - Mr. Perfect, Kudrathe Cup Coffee, Patshala and many more. For Aly, to be working on the sets of movies has turned out to be a milestone.
He is now a very well-known hair stylist in Hyderabad who predicts trends and is always right! He has excelled in his field and worked hard to reach a point where he can just decide a hairstyle for you by knowing your profession or lifestyle and he makes sure you love it! Aly has always loved working with short hair styles, be it pixie, or a chin length bob, he understands the specific technique required to make short strands lay firm. So the next time if you are in Hyderabad and want short hair style, you know the destination!

Aly loves his work and also makes people fall in love with themselves. He is creative, funny and a hard working person.

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