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Tyler Rix- Young Energetic Musician, Model and Soccer Player!

“Believe in yourself & remember you only have one opportunity in life, no regrets! Enjoy what you do when you do it, because this day will never come again!! Be happy & take a chance, you will be surprised how strong the human body & mind really is,” sounds like words of some elderly person who would have experienced a lot, but they aren’t. These inspiring words with so much meaning in them are of our today’s inspiration - Tyler Rix.

Tyler has achieved much more than any normal 21 year boy could achieve. Say it, his luck, destiny, hard work or destination, he has reached a point in life from where he never wants to look back but just continue doing what he loves.

At the age of 9, he picked up the Saxophone for the first time, and in just 18 months he had reached to Grade 5 by just studying every weekend at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music. He then went to do his Grade 8 by the age of 13 and from there he has only fallen more and more in love with his Saxophone. He experiments and explores new tunes, writes songs and plays his saxophone along.
Tyler Rix- Young Energetic Musician, Model and Soccer Player!, opportunity
In January 2001, at the age of 8, Tyler signed for West Ham United Academy. The following year, he appeared on the front cover of the book, Junior Soccer: A Complete Coaching Guide for the Young Player, a coaching guide produced in association with West Ham. In April 2007 Rix played for Dame Alice Owen’s School with whom he won the English Schools' FA National Cup.

At the age of 19, he was chosen to be the final Olympic Relay Torchbearer!! “The theme of the London 2012 Olympics was 'To inspire a generation' & sponsors Coca Cola were looking for young inspiring teenagers - they heard about my success in music, sport & modelling and said that I best represented our country for inspiring teenagers, so I was asked for this and there was no way I was denying it!” he smiles.

We all have big dreams and when they do turn into reality, those are the times when we cannot describe the happiness and joy we feel. Sometimes, there’s something that turned reality feels like a dream- same happened with Tyler, when he was given the opportunity to give a speech on behalf of the 8,000 torchbearers & for his country. He walked onto the stage and looked out towards the crowd, only people in sight till the farthest he could see, there were 80,000 people present there facing him and chanting his name!! “It was just INCREDIBLE! And I would never be able to describe what I felt right at that time.” says Tyler.

On sharing about his journey into modelling, he says, “I was scouted on a bus in London!! It was crazy. I didn't know whether to believe the guy even!! But true to his word I went to the agency the next week & was signed there and then and now I have agencies in London, Paris, Milan, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Barcelona, & New York.” He then adds, “Walking for Versace at Milan Fashion Week has been a very memorable experience, I can never feel much honored for getting such a chance. We stayed in Donatella Versace's house for the week & it was a very special show for me as Donatella had seen me carry the Olympic Flame.”

One of his moments that were lived fullest with joy and excitement was his musical performance done to a sold out Royal Albert Hall in London & performing in Trafalgar Square for the St George's Day Celebrations in front of 10,000 people.

It’s the last minute modelling that drives him crazy! He always has to be prepared, keep self in shape, organized and ready to fly to different countries at a snap of a finger. He writes music all through the night until 5 or 6 am most nights and carries up with modelling in the day time. He laughs and says, “Who needs sleep anyways?” And this is how he balances his life between musical concerts, producing his albums, modelling and much more.

He dreams to be the first male artist to have a number 1 in both the classical charts & the pop charts. As he has already conquered the classical charts, next it's the pop charts!! “I am currently writing lots of music, for both myself & other artists and will start gigging the new music in 2015,” he mentions.
Tyler’s grandmother is Sri Lankan and he still remembers ordering pots of Ceylon tea from the hotel room when he was in Sri Lanka as a little boy!! “I have just come back from a trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil and the culture around the world inspires me extremely. People enjoy what they have in life & make the most of everything they do. They are happy and carefree and I love this,” says Tyler Rix.

Tyler’s great grandfather was an incredible rag time pianist while his uncle is the conductor of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra so these strings are attached with him too but not very close to the singing & the saxophone as Tyler does!

He has had many different inspirations in his 21 years, as he started out as a footballer at the West Ham Academy at the age of 8, so many of his heroes were footballers and people who wore their heart on their sleeve. Then it became musicians both classical & jazz, with incredible talent to whom he heard for inspiration. Then supermodels who have risen from nothing to become the best, he admires and looks up to them. But during all of this, his family has been the supper support system and has inspired him to continue with the things he loves.

In early 2015, he will be in New York for Fashion Week and then he will be recording songs for an EP and will hopefully be touring later in the year.

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