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I fell into the grave
where LOVE was once buried,
there were many Skeletons here
but I felt the absence of the Her once again.

Even in death She seem to escape my fingertips.
My soul was at a stiff standstill,
as if I was an oak tree in a Colorado winter storm.
I was appalled by the thousands of souls
trapped and even "Shackled" down.
I have waited all these years to meet you,
I've come many emotional miles
to seek understanding of your true existence.
Does love even dwell in the deep pits of Mother natures soil?

I cried tears of absolution, 
facial expressions similar to a bridge sleeper,
his face has no seeking nor a purpose for happiness.
What flowers do I carry to my grave sight?

I whisper to the Sparrow in the dying tree, 
why me? why should I continue to cry?
listening to my heart break
as the earthquake of loves disappointments me once again.

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Shiloh McFadden
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