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It may take you ages
To receive the same wages
But that should not make you go mad
Or cause you to feel sad
Please take a different path
And give your heart a purer bath

As you are created one at a time
And given not the same dime
Should you deny her potential?
After knowing all her credential
Cuz she’s so very young
And elders will never go wrong
Oh, No! He isn’t from my tribesmen
And cannot be among the gentlemen
So let him rot in the garbage 
And shut down all his passage 
We believe it's not in our fate
And this has cause lots of hate

The malice has decreased our growth
And discouraged our youth 
Until we accept the accepted
Then the civil right can be protected
We refuse to recognise their talent
Though they never relent

But our pens will never amend
As they are from the far end
And their families were not in the lead
So no one dares to plead
Though their sweats built our kingdom
But they shall never enjoy the same freedom

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Marabi S. Hydara
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