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"Hijab" (Veil)

It is your shield 
That keeps you wield 
In all the field 
To have a better yield

It is a light 
From the Might 
So honor thy right 
From having a fight

Oh my dear sister 
This is better 
For you not to alter 
This real matter

It is called Hijab
And not a mere gab
So don't feel jab 
Be happy as it's fab
It is a mandate
Since from the very date 
Designed to be thy fate
So give it a high rate

Oh my daughter 
I'm not causing laughter 
Please ask your mother 
As Allah commanded thy father

Through your Messenger 
To cover before a stranger
As that is stronger 
To be safe from danger

This is purer
And more clearer 
To the dearer 
For you to be nearer

Oh my dear wife
This is your life
So let it rife
Don't cut like knife

Wear on thy veil
For you not to fail 
As you already read the mail
So avoid the wail

As this is real
And already seal
So take this meal
Sweet like a veal

And it is a pill
That can cure ill
Without paying a bill
To the doctors rill.

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Marabi S. Hydara
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