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I wish to live where

I wish to live, by mountains—near the river  
Murmuring lowly, feeling the utmost pleasure
Where I could breathe the scent of cold fresh air
Stretch my arms & dance happily, with no care

Where the sun smiles through canopy
As I lie down on green carpet in harmony
Watch the calm serene waves by my door
Mountains, sea & the legend beauty I adore
I wish to live where,nature,divine
Where the evening cold breeze lifts my soul
Water kisses the land, a beautiful shore
Watch the foggy clouds through window pane
I stretch out & feel every drop of rain

At night, watch the moon coming up the sky
Count the shimmering stars as they raise high
Fall asleep under the green dark silhouette of trees
Each day, tweet of the birds would wake me

I wish to dance merrily under moonlit night
Where clouds break forth every stream of light
Dance & listen to genuine music of nature
No other great joy, being with Creator!

I wish one day, I move to such heaven
Away from this worldly world, my pains lessen
Divine beauty of nature always mesmerize me
I wish to live in Her, I wanna flee!

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Daneshwari S Mirji
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