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Should I be left stranded in this bush?
With no one to give me a push
Am in emergency I need hush
To rescue me with a rush
I've taken the risk to go this far
Unknown to me it's a war
I'm stuck without a car
And my destination is afar
Is this a journey with no return?
incommunicado, path,journey
I lost strength and I'm churn
I need water in my urn
To regain my lost energy
In order to have the synergy
As this path is long enough
To walk through all the rough
As it's lonely with dust and cough
So sticky like a dough
But I need a map as a baseline
To boost my mind with saline
In order not to decline
From this very line
Give it a thought
As long as you ought
Give this man a touch
To lay on this couch
As he is no slouch
And needs thy precious pouch

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