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Oh! My Nurse

'Oh! My nurse
This is not a curse
But a course
That needs a sense

Oh! My nurse
Use thy discretion
With thy profession
To make conclusion
In thy discussion
oh my nurse,care
Oh! My nurse
Be patient
With thy patient
Don't relent
When it's urgent

Oh! My nurse
Don't be a vice
As you're wise
Like a mouse
In her house

Oh! My nurse
This is a gift
That should lift
With soft
As it's loft

Oh! My nurse
You're a light
That is bright
With a right
From the Might

Oh! My nurse
This is a knowledge
And all acknowledge
As you're a legend
In all the land

Oh! My nurse
Please socialize
As thou sensitize
In order to realize
As thou pluralize

Oh! My nurse
You're capable
And indispensable
So be available
As you're reliable
And adorable

Oh! My nurse
This is my wisdom
For thy freedom
In thy kingdom

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