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The saga of a drop..

It left its abode, the cloud
And with a roar, bold and loud
It started its voyage
It started the journey, breaking the cage
It met the warm sun rays, embraced them
Taking them together, it again held the helm
Together they made a spectrum; garland of light
Rainbow we call it; what a mesmerizing sight!

Drop again resumed the journey, bidding adieu to the rays
To reach the earth, to win the chase
It then fell on a leaf, dry and thirsty
Making the ambience foggy and misty
The leaf made drop split into little pearls
Few fell straight, few climbed down the leaf's curl
The poor drop lost its integrity, its original size
But her sacrifice gave birth to many drops, little and wise
the saga of a drop, journey,life
Now together moved the army of tiny Odysseys
To fight the quench of Mother Earth, to fill the seas
Few of them fell straight, few sailed with the zephyr
Few settled on ground, few hung on the wire
Few touched a pretty face of a girl, making her smile
Few got crushed by the swiftly moving tyre
Few took a unique shape, resting on a glass pane

That inspired a silent poet, whom the world calls insane
On canvas of thoughts, with brush of words
He painted the saga of drop's voyage,
heading to earth, sailing with birds
One drop, tiny but vivid, capable to revive
Touched his forehead, making him feel alive
Drop jumped on his forehead, slipped to the nose
In poet's heart, in that moment, a feeling rose
He, softly, put the drop on the flower in pot
And salutes the drop, for the battle it fought

Knowing it will end; losing its existence
It enjoyed the voyage, in each moment, in each instance
That's the message in the drop's phenomenal celebration
Enjoy the journey, not thinking about its culmination
We are the drops, we feel love, we face brutality
and we know that the death is the only reality
But the beauty is in the journey, in each moment
In making new memories, before old ones faint
Enjoy, smile, cherish, as long as one lives
This is the message, the saga of drop gives

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Abhishek Singh Rathore
An engineer by profession and a thinker by avocation.

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