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The Village Woman

On my journey to the country side 
I visited the swamps
With some noble men and women
To partake in the vision sixteen 
I came across this village woman
I became dumbfounded of her strength 
As she walks in eager to reach her plot
With determination to feed her nation
The Village Woman,country side
Look at her weeding and chanting
With bear hand to uproot the weed
I can still remember some of her verses
“Oh! Young woman work for your living;
As work will never kill a soul,
But humiliation does.”

Her songs keep her motivated
As she’s wired by the message
Although tired but she keeps moving 
It took me some time to analyse her strength
Although she’s in fortune to be in the office
But her sweat pays for the comfort of her nation 
To live healthier in the midst 
With less gratitude for her sacrifice 
To them she’s the village woman
As she cannot read or speak English.

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Marabi S. Hydara
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