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You know what our problem is? We get attached, fast. And once you're attached to someone, you do everything you can to please them and make them happy. It's never been about what you want, it's always everybody's needs before your own. You give out too many chances to people, who quite frankly do not deserve them.They take advantage of you and you become a pushover. But you're okay with that, because they're in your life and that's all you ever really wanted.
And even if they ruin your life, you'll still be there for them. Because that's you, that's who you are.Once you get attached to someone, they capture your heart and they always have a place there. That's why it's so hard for you to let go!!

But why do we get into all this? It's all nature. I just came to know about the vacuum theory in Psychologically. It says that our heart is filled with vacuum, it has a valve. Once this valve is opened, it is impossible to close the valve. And then we tend to fill it with someone. But that's where we need to know whether we should fill it with Someone or Something. What my Mentor told me was, at such a point we should fill that vacuum space with our Dreams. God has a reason for allowing things to happen...we may never understand His wisdom, but we simply have to trust His will!! Albert Einstein has said, "If You Want To Live A Happy Life, Tie It To A Goal. Not To People Or Things".

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Shraddha Santosh Aher
Shraddha Santosh Aher is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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