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I3 celebrates its 2 years of Journey!

A journey of 1000 miles starts with the single step; 2 years back #i3 believed in the same and took its first step on 2nd December 2013. From then, till now its influence has been in 3 cities, inspiring 400+ youth and creating an impact of 5,00,000 people and still counting. This platform has been the brain child of Mr. Sujit Lalwani who is an International Inspirational speaker, globe trotter, author and Global Head of community engagement at world merit. i3 has been started with a vision to Inspire Entrepreneurship and to Encourage Volunteerism. Youngsters joining the vision of i3 termed as delegates execute social projects throughout their journey at i3, they meet industry experts and achievers who are termed as counselors from various fields and get enriched with the knowledge they get from them. And delegates of i3 are guided at every step in their new journey by a set of most influential, successful, talented people who are termed as Mentors.
i3 proves that the myth which has its existence from our forefathers time to be wrong, in absolute sense - youth are not useless, they are actually used less. Often youth are treated as inexperienced people, and this makes them feel crippled and most of them lose direction with the wrong influence that the society has constructed with this factor called as experience, where in, the actual fact is that - experience can only give way to more experience and it should start somewhere and the journey of i3 is full of experiences, which is casting the right influence on many youngsters who want to achieve more and make big in their lives. i3 has been the bridge between the youngsters and their dreams, which help them, connect to their dreams with clarity and vision. Executing different social projects has made youngsters to be more responsive and responsible towards the social issues of not only the society they are surrounded by, indeed towards the entire globe.

i3 is the hope; belief; strength; guide and platform for every youngster who wants to see a better world and is a part of creating a better place for themselves and their future generation to live in. i3 with its 2 years of existence has time and again only proved that this platform is - from the youth, for the youth and by the youth. The planet tomorrow belongs to future, and the future is the youth of today. If today’s youth are not given better opportunities to develop themselves, then tomorrows’ future shall have no existence. “A vision driven platform, a platform of adventure, and the dream of every youth - #i3”, we wish you, 2 years of celebrations of Influence, Inspire and Impact. And shall wait for many more anniversaries in the years to come, and wish to see #i3 in every part of the world in the future years, creating more and more empowered youths and stories that shall be historical in coming times.

Happy Anniversary #i3!

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Jeevitha DM
Jeevitha DM is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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