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Pure water shall never dissolve oil in its purest form!

Oil and water is such a combination that cannot be mixed together, in case if we mix still the oil and water remains separate. Often we have used this example in undesirable situations, by which the statement holds lot of negativity in itself. E.g. “Mr. X and Mr. Y cannot be good friends as they are like oil and water, they can’t handle each other’s presence, in case if we plan up for their meeting, it shall be a big disaster as they still remain separated from each other’’, how many of us have heard such unconventional comparisons? In fact, many make them too…I am not sure whether, the above statement is true or false, but the absolute truth of life is in seeing positive side of every aspect. So, let me introduce the positive side of the mixture of oil and water. Mixture of oil and water is a live example of true relationship. Oil does not dissolve in water, or water in oil.
Pure water shall never dissolve oil in its purest form
Though they are mixed they still hold on to their own properties and still make a good combination, in their own way. Only for this unique quality we remember them. They give enough space to themselves and as well as others, and that’s why they don’t lose their own identity, but still together they make a powerful combination. Their combination is most used in cooking and cooking is the only art that could put these 2 things together and combine them under a dish. But still their properties remain theirs and their space theirs, oil cannot work like water and water does not steal the properties of oil and that’s the purity in their relationship.

Question is, did we ever think about oil and water with such deeper note, and more importantly do we hold such true relations. How often we try to manipulate people, how easy we get influenced and influence people. How many times have we given space for others thoughts in our life? Are we right? According to me we are not, we try to control others life, we try to dominate people – might be unknowingly, we force others to get into our pot of thinking. Most of us might do, most of these above said things unknowingly, and the root cause of this is – INSECURITY. We are insecure about our own thoughts (Which means we are not sure of about own strengths), we are afraid to get into something new and explore because we feel, we might lose our way of life, we don’t travel new places because we are afraid if climate over there would suite us or not, we don’t do something new in our life as we are afraid our newness, changes we are unsure of getting accustomed to. We feel jealous when our friend gets a new friend, we feel jealous if someone is more successful and many, many such things and that’s why we don’t grow further in life. We never realize that, feeling from the other end is also same, it’s just not you who is insecure, it’s everyone in the world who is insecure, and the root cause to this is lack of belief on our self. My friends, I advise you to be like oil and water, who give space for each other, as they give space for themselves. Any relation it may be, be independent and let others be independent. If you are in your purest form, nothing can change you and that is what oil and water relation tells. So, if you and your relations are based on the purest factors like Love, Trust, Character - nothing can ruin you or your relationships from others. Build new relations on the same factors and they shall last long and become a true example like oil and water. Oil and water might not dissolve each other, but they can combine each other and complement each other very well, and with this purest nature, cooking art accepted the fact and they today rule this combination, why don’t we accept this recipe for life and together live a complete dish, I mean a complete life. Just THINK over it!

“True relation and positive side are not 2 separate things; they are just a perfect combination of truthful Soul”

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Jeevitha DM
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