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The talk about people talking about us

Most of us have been through situations of excessive worries about what others might think about a particular behavior or action of ours. here are 5 tips to deal that might help next time you wish to do something exciting but aren't able to because of worries of the thoughts others might have about you. these are most applicable when the worries of others comments are going against the right things you wish to do.
Quite often than not I have met people worried/anxious/troubled/harassed by what others speak about them. As much as it matters when someone appreciates you and you end up feeling good, it equally affects us when someone speaks something which is not in sync with what we think about ourselves or at least we may want to hear from others thinking what we think others think about us. This aspect of us makes us vulnerable to every incoming comment and expression of speech from others which may be important or may not be. What do we do and how do we deal. Here are 5 Most important things that you need to keep in mind:
The talk about people talking about us

1. Ignore

We all need to learn to ignore. Ignoring is not disrespect or disregard at all times, it is sometimes an essential defence or tool against loss of mental energy and helps avoid unnecessary usage of time on frivolous things. One must be able to draw the line between how much to take and where to say "Boss! That's ENOUGH! I am not taking any more of that crap!". At times there are conversations people have about how they perceive us or our work and if that was all that would determine where we would stand then our existence or individuality is of no real meaning, which is not the case for obvious reasons. Hence, we must keep deaf ear to all of those conversations and say "that ain't for me!" Or laugh it out knowing how interesting people are or how humble they are(that they have time to think about us).

2. Take it light

Every coming in comment or taunt or statement is not a verdict of jury for or against you. Neither the appreciation is final, nor the accusing statements. We all must learn to take things light and just not react, it works wonders. We start seeing that situations that would otherwise lead us to anger, frustration, reacting, revenge are leading to none of it and our mind is being put to more meaningful exercises hence enhancing the productive output of our life, which further attracts prosperity .

3. Move On

Two words that have mattered the most for the generations that have gone and will matter for those that come are "MOVE ON!". Dinosaurs went extinct, the world moved on, Christ was born and he went, the world still moved on, the world wars started and concluded the world is still moving ON. So, come what may, don't stop by too long at anything for nothing is permanent and nothing will ever be. When people have stories/talks about you, just know that they are luckier than rest who do not have great agendas to talk on or discuss - YOU - JUST MOVE ON!!!<

4. Constructivitis

Take in anything that is constructive and is going to propel your progress. Develop constructivitis.

5. Avoid

The last  but best option is to avoid such conversations sometimes by avoiding such people in your life. You do not have to entertain them in your life and stay bothered and lose your life behind people whose agenda has nothing more bullying, bothering, bitching or boring others.

Hope these help you as much they have helped me. I look forward to hear from you, if there is something you do apart from "I don't care about such things" (we all do at times). The comments column surely awaits your inputs.

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