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Versatile Writer, Upcoming Author, At 19 - G. V. Rakshitha

Here is the story of a passionate writer who stands as an example for a lot of young individuals who wish to create their identity in the society. Read on!
Meet this young and dynamic lady, G. V. Rakshitha who, as a student, today, stands as an example for a lot of youngsters who give excuses to not do what they ought to do and what more they can actually do. While a lot of us feel it's important to complete our education and then, walk towards our dreams or sometimes we end up forgetting our dreams for the sake of the temporary joys we get, out of what we pursue or work for, but, Rakshitha is someone who believes, whatever your age could be, whatever you pursue,  it's important to work towards one's dream and become the reason to help more youngsters achieve their dream.
GV Rakshitha
Initials of her name, come from the names of both her parents who believe in gender equality and hence, the 'G' of her initial stands for her father's name, Govindaraju and 'V' for her mother's name, Vijayalakshmi. Her parents have been a huge source of inspiration for Rakshitha to have gained the level of maturity she carries today. As a child, Rakshitha grew up in a large family of 40 people until she was 3. Then, her parents along with her, moved to another house since the new place was close to their place of work. She would wait for the weekends to stay at her Grandmother's place, where she would get a chance to meet her cousins with whom she would spend her time having a lot of fun. “My mother remembers me as a very quiet, obedient and no-drama child who would only dance and entertain the huge family during festivals and get together. The only times they were probably annoyed was when they had to sit and watch Spongebob Squarepants over and over again, with me. My father would always tell me stories of how poor he was as a kid and I had learned not to be greedy or obsessed with luxury. He is one of the most hardworking persons I’ve ever known. He started off as a clerk in the Indian Railways and now is the proud Deputy CMM of the Stores Department with 1000s of people working under him. But money never made him any less humble. 30% of his earnings go to charity homes. My mother, who is his pillar of support and strength has worked equally hard to take care of his family and her parents and siblings at the same time. Being a literature student herself, the only stress buster she had was writing” says Rakshitha with a pride feeling of having grown up in an environment which gave her the belief to do what she does today.

Losing her grandfather at the age of 7, had made Rakshitha realized that life is not about luxury, but about the people. She realized more at the age of 8 when she happened to become an aunt, when her cousin gave birth to a child, whom she would take complete care of. She grew as mature as a grown up, at such an early age. Writing attracted her due to the exposure she got during her school where she would participate in public speaking, elocution, drawing and writing. Growing up in an environment which was supportive, Rakshitha would grab opportunities to participate in Isckon's heritage fest from her 1st grade itself. This environment of her school, religious family and the fests where she would participate, influenced her to learn a lot of mythological stories. Her passion to write grew as she learned them and hence, she started writing short stories and English songs. At the age of 12, she decided to write her own book and started writing, but, it took a long pause, when she was in her 9th grade and was asked by her parents, to pause other co-curricular activities and focus on her studies upto completion of 10th grade. she made her parents proud by scoring a CGPA of 9.4 out of 10, in her 10th grade, which actually became the reason to continue to not write for two more years. Science, which is considered to be an important branch, was chosen for her 11th and 12th grade. Since she had to focus more on her studies, she couldn’t write often, but decided to do it when she was in her 12th grade which led her to score a little lesser marks.
GV Rakshitha
Now, Rakshitha knew that she wanted to ensure she continued writing and hence requested her parents who agreed to let her pursue her passion by taking up English literature for under graduation at MES College, Bangalore, where she is currently pursuing her second year of graduation. She, once again got the right environment of friends, who had serious dreams of doing IAS, joining Indian Army, aspiring writers and more. Although everything was aligned well, there was a need of a push, for her to continue writing her book. One day, a speech was organized in her college, for which she and her friends rushed to know what it was all about. There, was a gentleman, Mr. Bharath GC, “with a bright smile” she says, who inspired them all to work towards their dreams and introduced them all, to a platform i3, which inspires today’s young generation people towards success and instill leadership qualities by helping them meet achievers from varied fields. Rakshitha, who was always open to explore opportunities, registered to be a part of i3,the very next day.

While she attended conferences at i3, she initially felt it wouldn’t help her much, but, with due respect to learn from people, she continued to be a part of the conferences, when one day, she got a chance to meet the rural innovator, Mr. Girish Badragond, who, with no background of quality education, has been the reason to help a lot of farmers in rural areas, with innovative technology solutions to help solve problems. Rakshitha was inspired by him, from whom she learned how important it is to stay grounded in spite of all achievements. She started getting influenced by meeting more such personalities, when one day she missed a chance to be a part of one of the conferences. She got to know from her mentor at i3, who shared about a workshop on writing, that was organized by the counsellor of that day’s conference, which she happened to miss. Now, was another chance to learn through the workshop. The minute she heard the word ‘writing’, she immediately reached out to her mentor, Mr. Kunal Taswala to register to be a part of the workshop. The day came, when she knew, she moved a step closer to her dreams. The workshop started when a young, charming lady with a blooming smile on her face entered the hall and introduced herself as Miss. Sneha Chandrashrekhar, founder of Black and White Tech Writing solutions. Sneha happened to share about the scope for content writing, and about the industry. Although Rakshitha was equipped with all that she needed, to be a writer, there was a requirement of someone who could guide her to walk in the right path, which she believed was this opportunity. She immediately approached Sneha to guide her on betterment and is till date, interning with ‘Black and White’ as a content writer for them. More than just interning, Sneha has been the reason to motivate Rakshitha to complete her book. Having completed the manuscript, Rakshitha is now waiting for the results from the publishers. She stands as a proof to let the world know that a platform and mentors are always important to make someone take the right path to lead a wonderful life. Rakshitha might have surely completed a book even without someone who could guide her, but, there was no assurance of when she could do it, but today, she is still a student, but has created a story for herself, that not many can. She affirms to this, saying, “Meeting Sneha was one of the best things that has happened to me and all thanks to i3 for that. I will never be able to thank the i3 team enough. Bharat sir and Kunal sir whom I’ve spoken the most to, were the best motivators. I owe i3 a lot and will always be thankful to them”.

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