Poetic Spree
A collection of poems that inspire & share a powerful message for betterment of humanity.



They held each other tight, with all love and affection,
"It’s time" she said, for which the other nodded.
Coming morning there was a crowd, traffic disrupted.
Two bodies floating,
Still hugging tight with love and affection.
The bodies were pulled out, cold as ice.
No scars or bruises; seemed a painless death.
No name, no wallet but a note in hand.
Opened to find an address not far away.

Distant sirens closed in,
Out came a fat figure from the lights.
The sheet was read and the address approached,
Only to find more chaos and confusion.

Inside the premises of that house,
Lay more depressing news.
Hung two bodies holding hands still,
One with tears and the other smiling.

Found a note beside the table,
“We are responsible for our actions
Two of us hung and other two drowned.
For falling in love with the same sex,
We punish ourselves, by death”

“This is a murder” said the fat cop,
“Neither by a man nor a woman;
But by the wicked eyes and intolerant souls
Judging us from a distance"

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