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Time to tap, the untapped potential

If things are going wrong,
If had to, turned to be strong,
Don't wait too long,
Its time to tap your potential and move along;

Inspired to achieve more?
Surely this can lead you to your destined shore;
But fear has held you from the core,
Its time to tap your potential, for results sure!
Time to tap, the untapped potential
Incidents in life has lead you down,
Not able to come up alone,
Find a mentor in life, come on:
Its time to tap the potential, by worth known;

Dreams are many, path unknown;
There is something within us, its a boon:
Try to discover it some noon, ie ;
Its time to tap the potential, do it soon...

Anytime you miss a way,
Know that you are out of life's sway,
So, some how return to it, how ever may;
Tap your potential and lead the way.

Potential has made legends what they are;
All they did is identified it at par:
So, history stands as poof so far,
That your real potential makes you what you are.

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