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Film-Makers as Change-Makers

Film is the most influential media of today. It can change our life style, our thinking, attitude, behavior and social norms. Film is an important tool for social change. When Aamir Khan was trying to introduce the concept of Choice Based Career – through 3Idiots or Taare Jameen Par, or when he created patriotic fervor through Lagaan, he became the heart-throb of every Indian.Nobody may have liked his present remark about “Insecure India” – but people do appreciate and recognize his amazing contribution in social change and development through films.
Film-Makers as Change-Makers
There is no social problem, which film industry cannot address and influence. If an influential person like Aamir Khan thinks about leaving India - it only proves the lack of confidence on the great capability of film industry by the veteran of this industry itself and seems to be a very pessimistic approach. We expect a leadership role and a very constructive approach from the Hero whom we all admire. Artists like him can change the society and influence our future.

If there is a problem, we have to solve it ourselves, who else can solve our problems. We can take small initiatives at our level to fight out the problems. Our small initiatives may be small and meaningless, but such small steps by majority of us can eradicate any problem.

I will take you to Dr. Shreyans Jain, an amazing artist - though not as known as Aamir Khan. Dr. Shreyans wanted to protect, promote and spread culture and heritage of Rajasthan. He could have also withdrawn and felt in-secure - but he didn’t. He took his small initiatives to take up the challenge. He used to spare time out of his hectic schedule (he used to work in research department of a large hospital) to train youth in dance, art, drama and other formats of performing art. He used to spare time to prepare small movies, shows, dance-shows and theaters. All these initiatives helped him in creating an environment of appreciation towards Rajasthani culture, art and dances. He tried to instill messages to the society through his plays, acts and shows. He prepared shot film “Krodh se Dhyan Tak” to highlight the philosophy of meditation as enunciated by Mahaveer. His recent film “Hivade me fute laadu” (English title – On Cloud Nine) has been selected in Silver Dollar Film Festival in the USA to be held in the USA from 11 to 14 December 2015. He would be able to show-case the cultural heritage of Rajasthan in the USA through his film. Such initiatives can help us in building the society that we wish to create. As opposed to Dr. Shreyans Jain, there are many film artists and producers, who consider films only as a means of earning and monetary rewards and they try to pass on cheap entertainment, which may spoil our minds in the long run. They must be deprecated. Many of them are causing harm to the society also through their films. I sternly oppose such persons and institutions and wish to support Moulik Bharat Trust, which has been running a campaign against those who are involved in pornography or making films based on porns. Let us raise our voice so that we may be able to protect and promote our culture, heritage and stop the un-desired influence of media on our lives and society at large.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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