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Ignite your Passion - Youth Start-Up Conference 2015

In this day and age, with such diverse fields of specialisations, where do the youth turn to for advice? Who do they listen to when they need confirmation for their passion? Or do they bury their passion entirely?

This December, Calvary Youth presents the first ever Youth Startup Conference, a conference with the ambition of bringing youths from all around the Klang Valley for powerful engaging sessions with some of Malaysia’s young and successful entrepreneurs, public figures and artists from all walks of life. The conference will be held from the 10th – 12thDecember 2015, Thursday – Saturday at the Calvary Convention Centre, Bukit Jalil.
Ignite your Passion - Youth Start-Up Conference 20
Calvary Youth is a ministry of Calvary Church dedicated to impacting our current generation of youths to be successful adults. Committed to inspiring and developing youths of all backgrounds, Calvary Youth continues to invest in the lives of young people through teaching, coaching and mentoring.

This 3-day conference will include plenary sessions, forums and workshops covering three 3 main tracks, namely Business, Music and Creative & Media. Some of our speakers include Jonathan Quek– CEO of True North Asia, Daryll Tan – Cofounder of Openminds Resources, K Reuben – Malaysian footballer, Helen Read – Founder of Ms. Read and many more! This conference is open to youths aged 15 years old onwards, young working adults are also welcomed to participate as well.

Night rallies will also be held where Pastor Dale Lim, Lead Pastor from Evangel Family Church Singapore, will be speaking to the youth to further beat the drum to inspire their passionate hearts. This conference is specially designed to IGNITE a spark in the young people’s hearts and minds. These forging of relationships with inspiring figures are arranged with the aim of challenging the young attendees to have the faith and fire to pursue their passions in life. Admissions to these night rallies are free.

The CCC is located in Bukit Jalil and is easily accessible through a network of highways and by Rapid-LRT. There will be also be food trucks and merchandise stalls as part of the conference. Registration can be made online at www.calvaryyouth.my/ignite, or through representatives of Calvary Youth.

For more information, visit Calvary Youth’s Facebook page (facebook.com/calvaryyouth.my) or email youth@calvary.org.my

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