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The Pearls from Antarctica Visits

Department of Science and Technology has initiated Inspire camps, where students of science get a chance to listen to eminent scientists and scholars. I could not resist myself from attending a few sessions of one such Inspire camps. Eminent scientist Prof. B K Sharma invited Prof. M K Pandit to share his experiences of visit to Antarctica and in this way I got the opportunity to listen to Prof. M K Pandit, who visited Antarctica twice to carry out research projects on rocks (Geology research projects of Rajasthan University Jaipur). I wish to share a few information that I cannot forget.
“We don’t leave anything in Antarctica except our foot-prints. We collect every garbage including human excreta and ensure that nothing causes environmental damage in that region”. – as Prof M K Pandit narrated the incidents to illustrate his views, it was becoming a new world to witness. Every scientist has huge pockets in overcoat to act as garbage bin if need arise. This enables every person to ensure that nothing is left out.

“No human being can disturb the life of any living creature in Antarctica (there are many living beings there like Kiwi, Seal, etc.). No human being is allowed to bring any bird, animal or any other living being (including dogs) to Antarctica so that there is no damage to the eco-system in Antarctica.”

“Every person is expected to use highest care and concern in use of water and other resources. Everyone ensures that nothing is wasted.”

“Electricity is very important in Antarctica and therefore everyone is responsible for maintenance of machines, equipment, generators and there is no compromise on these issues.”.

As Dr. Pandit was narrating these incidents, we were drifting to a new world, which would be something like an ideal world. The students were trying to paint the picture of this imaginary land, where people from different nationalities meet with highest level of love, care and concern and where everyone is highly responsible towards environment, other living beings and other systems. Students were asking questions to clarify their doubts but it was clear that they were keen to fabricate this world if they get a chance. Listening to Dr. Pandit, it seemed that it is possible that human beings can be trained to lead a life of zero wastage to environment, highest care and concern towards ecology and being in affinity with everyone around. Dr. Pandit narrated that during his stay he interacted with scientists from various nationalities who had come to Antarctica for research and exploration. Dr. Pandit asserted that every such meet was full of love, care and affection. Forgetting national boundaries, people extend highest level of care and support for each other in Antarctica. As he was narrating these incidents,  my friend Prof. M L Vadera  remarked : "Let us wish that all our leaders who keep busy in fighting over petty issues, should also be taken to Antarctica to be trained in the art of living." Yes, he is right, human beings can be trained to be perfect and thereby we can make this planet itself the heaven. Yes, through training and through systems, we can create systems where people would not cause any loss or damage to environment and ecology.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazin

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