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6 Ways to Create a Memorable Customer Experience

The unseen details are the main problem - would you say you are paying consideration on the 'easily overlooked details?'
It is often the little details that customers recall even more than the product they purchased or the service they received. Little details that customers notice, and that makes them feel good about not only making the purchase, but making the purchase from you, is a significant part of the overall customer experience. Addressing their common issues without them having to reach customer care for it, would go a long way in making your after sales service terrific. Here are six ways to go above and beyond good customer service and boost customer loyalty.


New York restaurateur Danny Meyer is a master of detail, and his employees are trained to notice, and when appropriate act on, even the tiniest scraps of information they observe or discover about a guest. If you happen to mention when making a reservation that it’s a birthday dinner, the manager will make it a point to come to the table and extend Danny’s birthday wishes to the appropriate person. If a staff member overhears a conversation in which one of the guests mentions they either like or dislike something, within minutes, everyone who might come into contact with that guest knows about it. And they tailor your food accordingly, too.


 Create a Memorable Customer Experience
Greeting your customer by name is a very meaningful and treasured detail that adds greatly to the way they experience doing business with you. If your office works by appointment, the receptionist should make sure he knows just who will be walking in the door next, and immediately greet them with eye contact, a smile and “Good morning, are you Mr. Morgan?” if she isn’t sure if it’s Mr. Morgan, or simply, “Good morning Mr. Morgan” if he is. One of the things a friend of mine always mentions when talking about her plastic surgeon is, “I love going there because they always know who I am and are happy to see me.”

There is nothing more flattering, there is nothing that makes someone feel more special than receiving a warm, friendly greeting by name when walking into a place of business.


Don’t we all have a story about the coffee shop waitress who doesn’t ever need to be told how we like our iced tea, or the diner where the cook starts to make the same thing you always order the minute he sees you walk in the door? The salesperson who sends gifts in pink because she remembers that’s your favorite color. The florist who never puts a particular flower in an arrangement because they remember it makes you sneeze or the wine shop that calls you when a certain vintage comes in because they know you’re partial to it. These experiences add value, and they also instill an enormous amount of loyalty.

Is there anything you and your staff can do to ensure your customers know that you not only pay attention to their preferences, but remember them and cater to them for each and every transaction?


Do you or your staff regularly walk customers to the door and open it for them as they’re leaving? Do you or your employees regularly help customers carry their purchases to their car, particularly “women of a certain age” or anyone who appears frail or a bit unsteady on their feet? If you have a waiting room and some of your clientele are older, do you have chairs that are a bit higher than usual and have arms on them so they are easier to get in and out of?

At the point when clients purchase something that incorporates an outside segment that is indispensable to its utilization or makes it more easy to use, do you inquire as to whether they have that thing or on the off chance that despite everything they have enough of it cleared out? For instance, on the off chance that you offer birthday cakes, do you have candles to run with it? On the off chance that you have a pediatric dental practice, do you have a little stride stool in the lavatory so the tyke can achieve the sink? In the event that you have a business that makes keys, do you have something that could be put on the way to recognize it so the client will never forget what the key is for?


What do you do to demonstrate your clients, your customers or your patients that you value them? All things considered, there are presumably a few different organizations that do what you do. Do you demonstrate the clients who belittle you that you esteem and value their business? Feeling acknowledged is an ordeal that is generally important.

You could welcome extraordinary clients to a deal a day sooner than the overall population or you could have a welcome just occasion one night and give “VIPs” an extra X percent markdown. You could blessing wrap their bundles or intermittently give them that thing they frequently purchase for nothing. In case you’re item is an administration, offer a free registration.

Always be sure to let them know that you are extending this extra to them because they are a valued customer and you want to show them that you appreciate them. And one of the easiest and most overlooked ways to show them appreciation is to send a handwritten note on lovely stationary.


Put a grin all over and in their heart. You can accomplish something exceptional for their youngster, their guardian, their pet. Make them snicker, say thanks to them showily for a noteworthy buy, have a challenge or a drawing for something fun that they could impart to family and companions. Serve warm, newly prepared treats in your office, give their kid a pack of inflatables, offer a pleasant nibble mid-evening.

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