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3rd Annual Credit Risk Management Forum, Germany

Join the 3rd Annual Credit Risk Management Forum 2017 at NH Berlin Mitte Hotel, Berlin, Germany on March 2, 2017 and March 3, 2017.
Credit Risk Management is a hot topic wherever we go. After the financial crisis and credit crunch hit the world economies the importance of Credit Risk Management emerged even more. Credit Portfolios, Credit Scoring and Creditworthiness of individuals and companies are common terms in the everyday life of the financial sector.

During 3rd Annual Credit Risk Management Forum – following in the footsteps of GLC renowned Risk Management Series – the participants will hear about the latest regulations, gain insight to volatility under IFRS 9; stress testing and scenario analysis in ICAAP and Recovery plans; risk models; shadow banking; AnaCredit, and many more. Furthermore they can also build long lasting business relationships with the representatives of the most significant financial institutions of Europe as well as regularity members.
3rd Annual Credit Risk Management Forum, Germany
Grab the opportunity to meet CXOs, directors and international managers who shall discuss on credit risk, risk analysis, portfolio strategy, balance sheet management, funds transfer pricing, market risks, retail business development and many others.

The speakers list includes:

Arthur Rabatincio, Derivatives Counterparty and Funding Risk from Deutsche Bank, Reiner Martin, Deputy Head of Division / Macro-Financial Linkages - European Central Bank, Nina Brumma, Methodology and Membership Executive - Global Credit Data, Catherine Keane, Head of Bank and Country Risk - Bank of Ireland, Chiara Capelli, Head of Group Models Methodologies & Standards and Regional Suppor – UniCredit, Ean-Marc Israel, Head of Monetary & Financial Statistics Division - European Central Bank, Peter Quell, Head of Portfolio Modelling for Market and Credit Risk - DZ BANK AG, Thomas Gstädtner, Head of Division DG Micro-Prudential Supervision II - European Central Bank, Louise Lindgren, Chief Risk Officer – Länsförsäkringar, Javier Villar-Burke, Financial Analyst - European CommisionUwe Seedorf, Chief Credit Officer, EMEA - GE Capital, Sophie Didelot, Head of Global Risk Management and Models  - Groupe BPCE, Marcel Fligge, Managing Director, Head AIRB Modeling & PB Credit Analytics, CCAC - Credit Suisse, Filipe Lemos, Credit Risk Reporting - BNP Paribas, David Grünberger, Deputy Head of Division - Austrian Financial Market Authority, Thomas Missong, President - European Association of Credit Rating Agencies and Francisco Catena Moreno, Chief Credit Officer - Banco Santander

With iUeMagazine as the online media partner, Lufthansa Group Partner Airlines as the official Airline Partner,  the event is also sponsored by Online Business Technologies, Crisil Global Research and Analytics, Rockall tech, SAS Analytics software Solutions and many others For more details on agendas, visit

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