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India m2m + iot Forum 2017

Join the India m2m + iot forum from 6 - 7 March 2017, India Habitat Centre (IHC), Lodhi Road, New Delhi, India
India m2m + iot Forum aims to highlight India as the ‘Manufacturing Hub’ for the m2m + iot industry where a wide range of high-quality and high-end engineering products, services and solutions could be sourced by the companies, organizations and governments of the nation and the world. The forum also aims at reducing dependence on conventional markets, develop domestic markets, create and develop partnerships and joint ventures, bolster one-on-one business relations and accelerate businesses between India and the countries of the world. The forum provides a distinct platform for transcontinental companies to showcase their business ideas, innovations and capabilities to the potential buyers in one of the fastest growing countries of the world ‘INDIA’.
India m2m + iot Forum 2017
Comprehensive Thought Leadership – Expert talks and panel discussions from leading industry experts and leaders will provide highest-level insights into areas including m2m + iot business scenario in India (past, present and the future), m2m + iot strategies, capacity building and the opportunities. 

THE TEN SQUARE COMPETITION – Entrepreneurship Enablement Program – The TEN Square Competition will bring together the stakeholders from the ICT Startups ecosystem. The competition will focus on 4 areas i.e. Hardware, Firmware, Software and Application. 

Industry Round Table + Dedicated B2B + B2G Sessions – India m2m + iot Forum 2017 together with the most preeminent Department Of Telecommunications (DOT), Ministry Of Communications, Government Of India, is organizing a SPECIAL INDUSTRY ROUND TABLE on m2m and iot Service Delivery Modeling – How and Why? and takes pleasure in extending its special invitation to all Mobile Network Operators of the country and the world to come forward and take lead in participating at this unique and first time ever INDUSTRY ROUND TABLE to deliberate and establish the m2m and iot Service Delivery Modeling with none other than the TOP MOST Decision and Policy Makers from the Ministry Of Communications, Government Of India, and in PERSON with The Honorable Minister Of Communications Shri. Manoj Sinha. 


Towards Smarter India – Role of m2m + iot in Making Sustainable Smart Cities in India – Underpinning much of the discourse about ‘smart cities’ is the tremendous growth and innovation in the electronics, IT, IT enabled services and allied sectors over the last two to three decades. And two of the prominent terms associated with the co-evolution of these sectors are m2m and iot. Together the two terms encompass the hardware, software and telecommunication options that can make public services or human activities more efficient. Thereby making them central to the discourse on the aspirations from Smart Cities.

Come and join the discourse on - What does the m2m + iot sector have to offer to smart cities? 

Students' Corner - Meet the Game Changers of Today and Tomorrow – In an endeavor to enrich the forum with rich and valuable content, India m2m + iot Forum continues to bring together the best minds of TODAY and TOMORROW that will provide you with an opportunity to MEET THE NEXT m2m + iot’an. Visit the Students Corner and be mesmerized by their study and research works. 

Live Demos + Technology Shows – India m2m + iot Forum 2017 will highlight how m2m + iot is used to significantly improve business processes, drive innova- tions, help to reduce risk and improve bottom-line. Live demos on applications of m2m + iot in various vertical markets such as, Agriculture, Automotive, Automation, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Electronics, HealthCare, Oil and Gas, Security, Supply Chain Logistics, Telecom, Telematics, Transportation and Utility will also be at display. Exhibition and Display of New Age Technologies – at India m2m + iot Forum 2017 you will find the most sophisticated display of m2m + iot products and solutions with substantial number of potential buyers from India and the world. India m2m + iot Forum 2017 will provide the business platform for m2m + iot companies to display their Future Ready products and solutions to early adopters especially from the SMART CITIES segment. 

Business Match Making + Business Delegations – India m2m + iot Forum 2017 will facilitate one-on-one business meetings and match making sessions for and with prospective partners during the two day forum in a cordial atmosphere for creating a long lasting and mutu- ally rewarding business relationships. Overseas Business Delegations are expected form various countries who shall visit India m2m + iot Forum 2017 to explore business and partnership opportunities. 

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