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10 Reasons You Have Stained Teeth

Staining is the discoloration of teeth which could be an unpleasant smile while you smile or can be potentially damaging to your health in general. Here are 10 of the most common reasons why you can have stained teeth.

1. Consumption of aerated drinks

Aerated drinks as we all know contains substances that erode or wear our teeth off thus causing discoloration. Also, few of them contain pigments which can lead to staining of the teeth.  I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but being a doctor I’ll repeat it again for you- It would be ideal to avoid any form of aerated drinks as it anyway has no nutritional value whatsoever.

2. Excess tea/ coffee intake

Of course we all love our cup of coffee or tea. Who can deny that fact? But sometimes the contents of these caffeinated drinks can cause tooth staining making it yellowish to brown. It would be best for you to go for scaling and polishing of your teeth and regular intervals and also rinsing your mouth thoroughly after the intake of your cuppa. Of course not all individuals would face this problem; it is only seen in some people whose teeth are predisposed to staining.
10 Reasons You Have Stained Teeth

3. Iron supplements

Consuming iron supplements most often leaves behind a blackish stain especially on the lower front teeth on the lingual side. This could primarily be because of the pigment ‘haemosiderin’.  Keep that in mind and go for a regular cleaning of teeth with your dentist.

4. Improper oral hygiene

This leads to the accumulation of debris and colonization of bacteria leading to formation of plaque which further leads to the formation of calculus. The colour being anywhere from yellow to dark brown and sometimes even black.

5. Genetic

The colour of your teeth is primarily determined by the second layer of the teeth which is called the dentin. Therefore, sometimes people genetically have a darker or yellower tinge of colour in their teeth.

6. Congenital

Certain conditions like tetracycline staining cause stained or a brownish tinge in the teeth. These are intrinsic stains and no amount of bleaching can work on such stains.

7. Trauma

Trauma to a tooth can lead to discolouration. Especially if the tooth becomes non vital.

8. Smoking

This is the most common cause of staining. The nicotine in the cigarettes gets accumulated on the teeth causing them to stain. This is just the bonus to all the other health hazards it already has.

9. Chewing tobacco

I believe this is self explanatory. What more than a direct effect of sticking those stains right in?

10. Decay

Tooth decay can cause an obvious brown to blackish discolouration demanding immediate care. Do not ignore this as it may sometimes lead to a cyst or an abscess.

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Dr. Akshari Anchan
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