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The Question That Must Never Be Asked Again: 'Why Organic Food?'

I switched to Organic food an year ago and am so glad I did. I realised it would be great for my family because one of my friends took care to explain the benefits in absolutely simple words and I imbibed it immediately. I will attempt at doing the same and would be thoroughly glad, if this article can initiate the change for you and your family's health & wellness by inspiring you to switch to organic food.
Nature is meant to nurture, protect and feed all living organisms & that is why it is referred to as ‘Mother Nature’. The air, water, sunlight, soil, plants, animals and almost everything we see around us has a definite role to play. Co-existence is the secret of existence. Most of these resources from nature are available abundantly and free of charge.
Organic Food
Research shows that agriculture started around 9500BC and evolved thereon. Domestication of animals then, helped in managing vast croplands and assisted laborious agricultural practices. Vast spans of land across the rivers were developed and cultivated to feed the ever growing population of humans. Time and vast experimentation taught us the apt usage of green manure and helped us evolve to practices like crop rotation.

The soil is abundant in nutrients, and hence the plants that are grown in them serve as a source of the same. Effective care and utilisation of nutritious soil beds makes it all the more beneficial for humans. Small insects feed on crops and damage the crops too but this helps in tilling of land naturally. There are bigger insects which feed on the smaller ones & birds which feed on these bigger insects. It is this chain and bonhomie, that makes nature such a spectacle.

Advancement of technology is certinly necessary to make life simpler and fuller. But use of science for agriculture, beyond a point in time in past, started catering to the greed of man, instead of the need. Chemical combinations were/are being invented to increase crop yield, save them from the little insects that damage crops, help in longer storage and enhance taste and characteristics as per choice.

This is leading to a systematic degradation of the balance of our eco-system. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers harms the soil, which then loses its nutriotional value. The crop is available in plenty but lacks in nutritional value too. The crop, also, is more prone to pest and insect attacks. The poisonous pesticides and insecticides are sprayed to save crops from the little organisms but these fertilizers and pesticides also mix in the water table and make their way to our plates. GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are being created by changing the DNA of the crops to get desired shape, size, texture, taste etc. but as the description itself tells us, that these crops are not what nature intends to offer us.
Organic Food
As a result of all of these, the soil is suffering, the water table is suffering, the plants are suffering, the little insects, birds, bees and above all, we are suffering the hazards of these developments in very many ways. Climate change, global warming,  rise in cardiac problems, young cancer patients, frequent miscarriages amongst others are long term repercussions of these practices, many of whose signs are quite evident by now.

The solution to these alarming issues is indeed Organic Farming and that is not a new fad, but it essentially is actually the traditional way of farming, back then, when cultivation was done in harmony with nature. It has now become highly essential to move to the original practices, to restore the original, ever beautiful Mother Nature. We must be highly indebted to the farmers who devote their time and efforts in growing food organically. These food items that are grown organically are free of harmful chemicals, lot more nutritive, much softer on the stomach, and for many they are far better in taste.

The question then is why can't we have ban on the usage of such harmful chemicals itself? The truth to that is that Complete ban on the usage of chemicals and pesticides during any stage of the processing, including cultivation to the storage & certification process, adds to the increase in immediate costs which then increases the retail price as compared to the chemically grown food. This is a major deterrent for many in implementation of switching to organic food.
Organic Food
The myth about the Organic Food that I had and got cleared off and wish to empower everybody reading this is that, Organic food is not actually expensive but apparently expensive because the conventional chemically grown food is cheaper owing to the vast compromises we need to make with our health.

A family switching completely to Organic Food just spends an extra budget that is approximately an equivalent sum to that of a fine dinner/movie outing, and not more at all, when it comes to a total month's grocery purchase. It is, in my sense, a very small increase in expenditure for a massive gain in terms of family health and of course the health of our environment.

Hope this inspires you to switch to Organic Food & improve your family's wellness. I suggest that you start out with a month's experiment of organic food at home and I'm sure you would definitely not regret it. If you still think you have queries of "WHY ORGANIC?" or anything else around this domain, shoot it in the comments section here and it would be my pleasure to answer them for you in due course of time.

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Gaurav Agarwal
GM, Sales, Just Organik | Directsellerforlife

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