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Hair Science: How it works and how to improve its growth?

Good Hair care is the key to beautiful hair. Keeping a healthy diet and good hygiene is an essential part of maintaining your hair. There are a few other simple things you must know, to ensure it is as beautiful as you want it to be. Read on.
Awareness about hair health in general has seen an upward growth in the past decade and that’s a sign of great relief for hair experts. After all, good hair care is a definite result of better awareness levels. 

What makes hair so important? Why is it that more and more people are consciously making an effort to maintain hair health? While the term ‘hair’ refers to any part of the body that it is present at, I’m going to be talking about head hair in this article.
Improve Hair Growth
It is no secret that Head hair is important. Now this is primarily because, hair helps in protecting your scalp from the harmful rays of the sun thus acting as a protector.  Besides this, Hair also helps in maintaining homeostasis. This means it plays a role in maintaining the temperature and body heat.  Apart from the protective functions, the cosmetic part of it is probably what most of us are aware of. Hair without a second doubt frames our face. In fact many scholars believe that hairstyles tell a lot about a person.  Well, hair can also tell the health of a person.  It certainly acts as a ladder to your confidence and shows your age. It is rightly called as the ‘Crowning beauty‘ of your face.

How should one take care of the Hair?

The answer to this question would be, wash your hair with a suitable shampoo. Clean your scalp thoroughly by taking a liberal amount of the right product and emulsify it well.  Remember to always use a shampoo and not just wash your hair with plain water. Next, condition it well. Make sure you don’t apply the conditioner on the scalp. Leave it on for around two minutes and then you can go ahead with rinsing it well. You can add a leave in serum or conditioner if your hair expert suggests you one.

Please remember to work with your hair expert to help you choose the right hair care productsChoosing the wrong products can damage your hair to a very large extent.

There is no fixed number as to how many times you must wash your hair in a week. It depends on where you are, what kind of work you do, what kind of hair you have and how oily your scalp gets. Generally2-3 washes per week is a good number, but you can modulate it as per required. For example if you are someone who sweats a lot, then you can wash your hair as often as it gets sweaty. Commonly, hair is classified as oily, dry, combination and normal.

Although pretty self- explanatory, should you have any doubts in analyzing your hair type, please make sure you consult your hair expert.

Hair is undoubtedly the most talked about beauty subjects in both men and women and it is a certain indicator of health in many cases.  No wonder people are ready to do whatever it takes to have a head full of hair!

Stay Beautiful!

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Dr. Akshari Anchan
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