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Oral Manifestations of Systemic Diseases

Your oral cavity or the mouth can be the first signs of a host of diseases which you may not even have a clue is brewing up there. Here are some hints you need to be aware of.
When your dentist and your elders tell you that your mouth is the mirror of your body- believe them. They are absolutely right. Your oral cavity or the mouth can be the first signs of a host of diseases which you may not even have a clue is brewing up there.  

The following are few of the diseases your mouth could give a hint of. :

1. Erosion of Teeth:  This is characterized by smooth wearing and cup like depressions in the inner surfaces of your teeth.

This could signify and be a sign of Gastroesohageal disturbance. That means there is something wrong with your digestive system due to which there is excess acid secretion.

2. Glossitis (Inflammation of the tongue/ red tongue): This simply means that the tongue is inflamed and may be red in colour.

This could be because of Iron Deficiency Anemia . Thus a blood test becomes mandatory in this case.
Oral Manifestations of Systemic Diseases
3. Ulcerations, Intraoral burning: This is characterized by small and or large ulcers in the mouth especially in the softer areas such as lips, tongue, mucosal membranes etc.

There might be presence of a burning sensation in the tongue or mouth in general. This may indicate anemia which is again a blood related disorder.

4. Gingivitis: This is nothing but the inflammation of the gingival or the gums.

Apart from indicating poor oral hygiene, it may also be a signal to worse conditions such as Scurvy, Crohn’s didease etc.

5. Angular Cheilitis: This is shown by the bruising of the corners of the mouth. This may be because of vitamin B deficiency or anemia.

6. Fissured tongue / white or red patches: This maybe indicative of a skin condition called Psoriasis.

7. Dry mouth, Candidiasis: This sign clearly announces Diabetes in most cases. The mouth is one of the first places where Diabetes’ indications can be seen. 8. Upper lip twitching : Could be indicative of hypoparathyroidism

These are just a few of the big list of diseases that have oral manifestations. What do you think would be the right step to take? Visit a dentist regularly. It has more benefits than one.

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Dr. Akshari Anchan
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