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Welcome Winter!

With the start of winter, our skin is prone to damages. We all know that prevention is better than cure. Here are a few best tips to prevent damages and protect your skin during winter!
Winters have set in most parts of the world, some more cooler in temperature than the others. Naturally, our skin and hair react to this change in whether too, some changes are subtle and others are not. The amount of change and qualitative difference in our bodies it brings about depends on a number of factors including our immune system, adaptive capacity, diet and nutrition, temperature we are subjected to etc. More often than not, we see a generalized dryness in our skin and hair.
Winter Skin Care
Listing below few of the changes we must make in our everyday lifestyles to be better prepared for the winter season and to treat our skin and hair well.

1. Change your moisturizer and choose a more intense moisturizing cream: That’s right, like you would have noticed, your skin tends to get dry and flaky faster and therefore it would be wise to provide extra nourishment to your thirsty skin.

2. Moisturize your extremities: This means provide extra moisture and pay special attention to your hands and feet. Make sure you cover your feet with socks to avoid cracked heals. Remember to wash your feet before applying the moisturizer. Petroleum jelly works very well overnight for providing the extra moisture overnight.

3. Do not take long hot showers: Yes I understand it is tempting to have a hot water bath, but remember, exposing the skin to continuous warm water takes away the body’s natural oils. In fact a study says, that the body takes 8 hours to replenish the natural moisture lost after one bath. So make sure you don’t overdo it.

4. Take care of those lips too: Lips are part of your face too. Thus, protecting it with the right moisturizer or lip balm is a smart move. Please do not forget to moisturize your lips, especially before hitting the bed.

5. Sunscreen: This is my favourite topic.  Even if it isn’t sunny, if it is snowing outside, you have to wear sunscreen. No excuses please. Remember, the harmful sunrays are capable of penetrating through the clouds, so please make sure you don’t skip the sunscreen. 6. Hair Care- Hair tends to get dry too. Damage is more commonly seen in the hair during winters. So using a good conditioner and an appropriate leave on serum will help get rid of the damage and protect the air from drying.

Besides this, please remember to consume a diet which incorporates nuts and dairy to keep your skin and hair healthy.

Stay Beautiful!

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Dr. Akshari Anchan
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