Poetic Spree
A collection of poems that inspire & share a powerful message for betterment of humanity.


Let's just tell what is in the mind

Just stop the time,
The time will pass
Some talks are still at larynx
let those feelings be described

Imprudence was a time ago,
but compunction is Alive
if you do not want to parley
Let be made meeting of eyes
Move On
I did not say anything...
You were silent too
The silence of the look-of-love
let just keep it for some moment..

when the interlocutory happened
ocean was there of misunderstanding,
you did not understand me
let just heal this wound

Some could say
some may left ..
Some have been swept into heart ..
That which is left ...
let me tell the mind's intention

Granted, I were silly
but encountered both at fault ..
Now let old things be gone
make the move to a new story.

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