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Waving 2016 & Welcoming 2017

Memories worth sharing.
will be carried in hearts…
leaving all pains and bearings.

The chariot of hopes is ready.
and swiftly we will depart..
and step into a blissful year.
Waving 2016 & Welcoming 2017
Resolutions will concentrate our hearts.
determination and dedication will be a pin-pointed dart.
with a new year, let's begin new.

Let's live this year just not to survive, but with
feelings for endless pains to revive.let's not pray this year for goodwill but let
our destiny appreciate our work and will.

Let our destiny appreciate our work and will.
let's not divide ourselves.. what if we are not alike.
diversity is the main heaven.. and not a misguide.

Let's move together and unanimous.
to outwit the misfortunes.. to be alert and master the opportunities.
let's move together and curb evility lets not point and question human spirituality.

Let's live this year and not survive.. make this earth a beautiful hive…!!!

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