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Standard Oscillator Tube RF Welders Vs Vacuum Tube Powered Welders

Problem #1: Poor (or No) Arc Controls

Some RF Sealers can arc several times a day, especially if your welder is not properly tuned or arc sensitivity is not set properly. Arc forces to stop production to clean the die or burned materials and repair or replace the die completely.

Solution: ONEX RF has superior controls that virtually eliminate arc problems.
RF Welders
Problem #2: Reduced Productivity

Once an RF sealer arcs, operators must stop and the process. In the best case scenario the operator has to inspect the die and clean it from carbon buildup left from the arcing. If not cleaned properly the sealer will arc again. All the downtime dealing with cleaning or replacing your die, cuts into your productivity.

Solution: By eliminating arcing problems, ONEX welders substantially increase your productivity.

Problem #3: Damaged Die Replacement

Too many companies accept die replacement as a "cost of doing business..." as if there was no way to avoid the cost of replacing a $5,000 to $10,000 die a few times each month.

Solution: ONEX RF Welders can go for years without ever burning a single die.

Problem #4: Energy Guzzler

Standard RF welders consume twice the energy of more efficient, reliable models.

Solution: ONEX RF Welders require 50% less power to deliver a superior weld.

Bottom Line: Your "Good" RF Welder Could Cost You Hundreds Of Thousands of Dollars in direct and indirect expenses.

When It Comes to Welding, Nothing Can Match the Efficiency and Productivity of the ONEX RF Welder. Instead of arcing delays, destroying expensive dies, and paying double or more than what you should to run your equipment, try the efficient, reliable ONEX RF Welder.

  • Virtually eliminates arcing (by 95%)
  • No more die replacement
  • Cuts energy consumption in half

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