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Latest eSIM Technologies for Consumers

SIM cards are becoming obsolete in connected devices as many companies are moving to replacing the SIM with an embedded SIM. An embedded SIM is integrated, during the manufacturing process, into the device. Therefore, the eSIM cannot be replaced with another card. An eSIM allows devices such as smartphones, wearables, drones, Machine-to-machine (M2M) and tablets to be smaller or provide additional space for other components such as a bigger battery. Furthermore, the features of an eSIM are numerous like remote provisioning or security and protection these also help in easing Earned Wage Access.
Latest eSIM Technologies for Consumers
The eSIM devices are also more desirable as they won't need WIFI access or tethered to another device in order to gain access to the internet. It is estimated that by 2019 the connected wearable devices market will be valued at $25 Billion USD. With the large increase in smart technologies other than watches such as clothing and footwear on the market the eSIM may become more desirable.

Earlier this year GSMA released a specification, GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning specification, that allows consumers to remotely activate the SIM embedded devices such as smart watches, fitness bands and tablets. This process may lead to a widespread industry adoption of e-SIMs in the very near future.

The GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning specification allows an operator profile, which can be easily downloaded Over-The-Air (OTA). This specification allows the eSIM not to be locked to a particular network, which is usually hard-coded during the manufacturing stage. The GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning specification can be an essential element in the way manufacturers and companies will move forward with eSIM. The OTA function will allow the user to choose which service provider they would like to use on their device.

The GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning specification is a beneficial tool to all parties due to the fact that the eSIM is just as secure as a removable sim and the consumer can easily connect the device to another with a QR code whilst allowing the consumer to only have one service provider plan that connects to numerous devices.

It is crucial to understand what is next for eSIM technology and how it will be used within society over the next couple of years. Next year Luxatia International’s World eSIM Summit is designed as a dynamic networking event that will focus on the eSIM technologies, the providers as well as the innovative opportunities it creates. The summit will take place on the 16th -17th of February in Prague, Czech Republic.

Jean-Christophe Tisseuil is the Head of SIM Technology at GSMA and will be one of the expert speakers at the World eSIM Summit. Jean-Chrostophe will be presenting a case study on ‘The Changing of the Sim Card – Are You Ready for Remote SIM Provisioning?’ The World eSIM Summit also includes the following topics:

-    How Telefonica is using the benefits of eSIM to grant the privacy and the security of the customer's credentials and the network.
-    Automotive industry as key innovation driver & Cubic Telecom’s eSIM solution.
-    Future of MNO in manufacturing: from consumer electronics to cars and smart home.
-    Global Platform's take on compliance, security, remote attestation for IoT/M2M Devices.
-    How do recent cellular technology breakthroughs complement eSIM to address IoT and M2M according to Nokia.

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