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Tips To Prevent An Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

ACL injuries can be prevented by following the path of exercise which increases balance, muscle power, stability and core strength. But if there are such cases that have been inflicted then you need legal help. Here's an insight to prevent and to seek help as might be needed. Read ON!
The knee joint is the confluence spot of the thigh bone femur, the shin bone tibia and the knee cap patella. Various ligaments join with the tibia and femur for imparting us with the stability and strength required to carry out our daily chores.

The anterior cruciate ligament, located at the centre of our knee is one such crucial juncture which aids in the forward movement and rotation of the tibia. Studies conducted in this field have revealed that about 250000 injuries pertaining to the anterior cruciate ligament take shape on an annual basis in the United States alone.

A sudden twisting motion might often cause the ACL to get stretched or torn. Propensities of such accidents taking shape increase when your feet are planted in one direction and your knee faces the opposite side. Changing the direction very rapidly while, being in a state of motion can also bring upon ACL injury. While landing from a jump, coming to an impromptu halt after running at top speed or changing the direction while moving might cause you to succumb to ACL injury.

The likelihood of such injuries multiplies amongst women whose hormone and body structure might exert greater pressure on the ligaments during athletic activities.

Identifying And Diagnosing An ACL Injury

An anterior cruciate ligament injury might not bring upon immediate pain, but chances are high that you will hear a popping noise accompanied by a feeling of your knee giving out. It might take a few hours before your knee swells to a recognizable extent causing pain while you try standing on it. In such cases, it is mandatory to visit a health care provider who can evaluate the whole scenario. Otherwise, further damage can be inflicted on your knee cartilage.

Keep the leg elevated and make use of an ice pack for battling the swelling and pain. You can also administer a pain reliever if required. Your doctor might suggest MRI scans and other X-rays for determining the extent of ACL damage. In the case of a partial tear, the medical expert might prescribe an exercise program, which will aid in strengthening the surrounding muscles and protecting the knee while taking up any activity. Surgery might also be suggested in the most extreme of cases for reconstructing the torn ligament. You might require taking up some rehabilitation exercises after ACL reconstruction, which helps in slowly returning the lost stability and flexibility to your knee.

The requirement of a knee brace might be felt on a temporary basis along with six months of sitting on the side bench while your friends engage in a game of basketball. Well, we do feel the level of frustration boiling up inside you, but taking a rest today will help you in gaining a quick recovery tomorrow.

Tips To Prevent An Anterior Cruciate Ligament Inju

Prevention Tactics

ACL injuries can be prevented by following the path of exercise which increases balance, muscle power, stability and core strength. If you are a high-jump athlete, then practice proper landing techniques post jumps. Try to crouch when you pivot by bending at the hips and knees as this brings down ACL stress.

Seeking Help Of The Experts 

In many cases the injury might not be just accidental, but an effect of a pre-planned act of malice. If you are doubtful that someone pushed you intentionally or pulled the strings triggering your injury, then seek out the help of the Personal Injury Attorneys without much ado.

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