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Rebel Holiday Talks About Harmony Patterns And Their Impact On You

Rebel Holiday the guest at Empowered Living SHOW shares her insights on the harmony pattern and how that can be life changing to learn about to make your successes in that what you seek. Read ON!
Empowered Living Show

What the World Needs Now…

Harmony Patters And Their Impact On YOu Rebel Holiday will tell you it’s harmony, and she can teach you how to spread it around the world.

She’s Always Been a Bit of a, well, Rebel

An entrepreneur since a young age, Rebel is also an artist, speaker, teacher, designer, and visionary. She has created a unique program to help you discover your own, and other people’s, Harmony Patterns, allowing for personal growth, and business and life success.

How Did She Do It?

A lifelong people person with an artistic eye, Rebel discovered patterns in people’s faces, and over the years, developed a classification system that links complex patterns in the face to what is most harmonious, or beautiful, to each individual person, in personal fashion, and beyond.

Rebel’s Mantra

Everything about us goes together, body, mind, soul, spirit, energy, essence. We’re one whole being, and when we understand how that works, and who we are, we can express it naturally, comfortably, and powerfully.

Everyone Has a Harmony Pattern

She’s traveled to over 87 countries, and studied thousands of faces, and everyone has a pattern that can be used to help you understand yourself, and others, better, no matter your ethnicity.

Design Elements are Not Just for Clothes

The first thing she does with a client is analyze their face, using the five basic elements of design that is used worldwide in the fashion industry. Rebel says these elements apply to everything in life, including our faces.

  1. Line
  2. Shape
  3. Scale
  4. Texture
  5. Color
Your Harmony Pattern

Every face has a unique pattern that is consistent and predictable, and goes with everything else about us. Rebel spent years with clients, sitting them in natural light and analyzing their faces with color swatches. She can now analyze a face using a good quality color photograph. There are twenty-four different Harmony Patterns. Once she determines yours, she then shares what your pattern means, what your design elements are, and how they apply to your clothing and design selections.

The Results

Rebel’s clients experience major shifts in their lives when they take what they learn from her and utilize it. All of us have conditioning from family, friends and society that try to tell us who we are, and we take on these things as being true, but you can let go of these stories that hold you back. You can get to the point where you know who you are, you like who you are, you accept who you are, but you still have a vision of who you want to be.

Shopping Will Never Be the Same

Armed with your personal Harmony Pattern, you can go into a store, pull something off the rack and analyze it. Does it match your pattern? Does it match your lines, your shape, your texture? If it doesn’t, you put it back. It’s that easy, and you will have a closet full of clothes you feel beautiful and empowered in.

What’s Your Style?

What message are you sending? Are you elegant? Classic? Natural? There are 8 Style Message categories, each with four subcategories, 32 total Style Messages that Rebel works with, and she can help you discover your strongest ones. Many of us have four to eight that describe us best. You can go online to her website and fill out a questionnaire to find out yours.

Model of Four

The four subcategories within each Style Message are simple, and every single one of us possesses all four of these qualities, just in different amounts.

  1. Lively (lots of energy, love people and activities)
  2. Striking (strong, intense energy, sees life in black and white, can come off like a lightning bolt)
  3. Rich (direct, to the point, quiet intensity, serious about getting the job done)
  4. Subtle (reserved, questions activities to see if they are worth their time, craves alone time)

Beneficial in the Workplace

Knowing Harmony Patterns can help you identify them in other people, and make it easier to approach them, as well as work together. Rebel believes her program will improve all the relationships in your life, personal and professional, but most importantly, your relationship with yourself.


If you’re a business owner, this program can help you sell your product, and negotiate with potential clients and customers. Get inside them, know who they are, what they want, and how they feel based on their Harmony Patterns.

Your Creative Process

Depending on your personal Harmony Patterns, you use a certain process when you create, the same process every time, as a matter of fact. This knowledge can also help you at work, when projects need to be done as a team. If you understand, not only your own creative process, but your coworkers’ processes as well, your work environment can only get better.


Rebel says it’s important to fully see, appreciate and honor the other person for who they are. When you do this, you can allow them to contribute to you in the way they want that is natural for them. You can more easily share experiences, and perspectives that honor you both.

How Do We Impact the World?

We make an impression the minute we walk into a room, whether we realize it or not. We impact others in several ways, and Rebel’s Harmony Patterns program can help you improve every single one.

  1. Physical
  2. Visual
  3. Energetic
  4. Verbal
  5. Essence (the essential impact of who we are)
  6. Virtual (thanks to technology, we may see several pictures of someone before meeting them)
Her New Vision

She created this amazing program, used it to create the life she wanted, and now she wants to train and certify others to teach Harmony Patterns. She wants to spread Harmony across the world! Contact Rebel today if you are being called to be a Harmony Patterns Practitioner.

Rebel’s FREE gift! 

Visit Rebel’s website at, or contact her at, and receive a Designing Your Self Blueprint for FREE!
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