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Why are temp agencies more beneficial for employers trying to find staff?

Hiring the right people is the most important aspect of growth for any business and even more when you are a new business with lower capital available. Here's a quick insight on what could help you achieve just that. Read ON!
As the job market keeps changing and some companies look online to find new, talented employees with impeccable CVs, it would be easy to mistakenly believe that temp agencies aren’t needed. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Companies soon discover that trying to vet random people for a vacancy quickly becomes a nightmare, as they’re not equipped either size-wise or procedurally to handle it.

Let’s look closer at why temp agencies are still helpful to employers looking to expand their workforce, handle a maternity leave or handle early retirement issues.

 temp agencies more beneficial for employers tryin When you’re an employer or department head looking for a specific kind of person to fill a position that will fit neatly into the culture and work well with others, it’s a challenge. Narrowing down the applicants when handling recruitment internally can be a nightmare and it’s extremely time-consuming to find the right person. There’s no guarantee that you’ll locate the individual you are after either because you’re only skimming the surface of the local talent pool.

When you work with a temp agency like, they already hold a database of people looking for a new position. They’ve categorised them already and so they can find the few people who will be ideal for each role within a matter of minutes. Once pre-selected, they can touch base with each person to see whether they’re still looking for a new position, and then put a few suggested applicants forward to you.

Time efficiency

As a business, you just don’t have time to find new people. Just taking a few minutes out of your busy day for a few interviews is time-consuming enough on its own. There’s nothing worse than thinking someone is great on paper, but knowing within a minute or two at the interview that they won’t be a good fit.

Agencies are good at getting to know each person on their books and knowing what positions they’d be suited for. When they’re naturally shy and inward, then an outgoing office environment won’t suit that person and they won’t waste your time by putting their name forward.

Recruitment isn’t your field

Let’s face it, conducting interviews is hard enough but vetting scores of applicants before they even get to that stage really isn’t. While an agency can potentially meet each of the people on their books at least once, the only way you can do that is if you effectively have a first interview with every person shortlisted. The difference here is that with an agency, they may have met the  temp agencies more beneficial for employers tryin person already and can share their impressions with you without you wasting time on first interviews that go nowhere. We each have our fields of excellence; it’s best that we stay in our respective lanes to get the most done in the office. That’s what you’re paying the temp agency for after all.

Agency has history with their recruits

Many of the people on their books have been with the temp agency for years. They have a good sense of their work history, personality, and any problems in previous positions and how they handled them.
The insight this provides is often useful to find people who stay in positions longer or had a good reason for moving on from something that wasn’t working out and wasn’t their fault. There’s always much more to each potential applicant than what is shown on their CV and a temp agency can provide the missing pieces. Temp agencies are used to save employers time finding the right applicants. When they need someone for a short period to cover a maternity leave or a holiday break, they’ll usually have someone who can help out.
To fill full-time positions, it takes longer, but they have access to a far larger talent pool and can efficiently find the right person for each position.

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