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Watching Football Abroad: How Can a VPN Help You?

Sometimes most important events globally don't get access in some nations due to certain restrictions. These can be over come by using proxy servers / VPN. This can come handy for football fans globally to get LIVE updates of matches. Read ON!
VPN Football fans around the globe understand the frustration of not being able to tune in to watch a big match. From the World Cup to league matches, football fans could have difficulty finding their favorite club on television.

Fortunately, many streaming channels allow viewers to see almost any football match in the world. Some channels in Europe allow access to virtually any level and league of play.

Now, for the less positive news. Not everyone can access these networks. Some channels that offer this plethora of options are geo-restricted to a specific country like the UK. This means that a fan in Australia, New Zealand, or the USA would miss out on important matches.

Someone traveling on holiday from the UK might also struggle to gain access to these streaming options. Geo-restrictions are based on the location of the server attempting access and not on the home country of the viewer.

There is a tool that can help anyone dealing with these roadblocks in the way of watching football abroad. A virtual private network (VPN), can offer unique opportunities to content that could otherwise be restricted or inaccessible.

Avoid the Dreaded “Channel Not Available in Your Region” Message 


A VPN can jump in to save the day when this message appears as you attempt to log-in to your favorite football streaming channel. This message is predicated by locating you via your IP address. This address identifies your current location and the access server origin.

The virtual private network connects you to servers around the world and makes it appear that you are accessing from one of these servers. The streaming site gets “fooled” into thinking you are currently located where the VPN server you connect through is.

Ideally, viewers would be able to select the server they are connecting through and ensure it is in the appropriate country. For instance, if geo-blocks restrict users outside the UK from watching an event, the user should find a server located inside the UK.

Using a VPN is the only way for many football fans to access the matches they want to see. Not just any VPN will do the trick, however.

Things to Consider When Choosing a VPN to Watch Football Abroad

Not all VPNs operate in a manner that customers would appreciate. Some will not even work for the intended purpose of evading geo-blocks that prevent watching certain channels. There are many choices available on the VPN market and making the right decision is important. Evaluate the following aspects before selecting your VPN.


If a VPN offers a limited selection of locations, you might want to reconsider. At the very least, you should investigate where its servers are located. Make sure a server is available in the country you need to access from. If a geo-block prevents anyone outside the UK from watching a match, then you will want to be positive that the VPN offers servers in the UK.


Sure, you may not consider anything you do online illegal or suspicious in any way. This does not mean you should ignore your privacy. Many VPN providers offer free or low-cost service by sacrificing your privacy.

Inquire whether a VPN keeps logs of web traffic or other customer data. If so, you may want to look elsewhere. This data can be sold, stolen, or demanded by the government in certain countries. A VPN provider should guarantee a zero-logging policy to encourage confidence in its privacy practices.



A VPN uses encryption protocols to protect data being sent to and from its servers. This process naturally slows a connection. For those intending to watch live sports like football, connection speed can be important.

Find a VPN that focuses on updating hardware and software to maintain its download speed. Avoid those that offer services with bandwidth restrictions as once the limit is met your connection could slow down dramatically.

Use a VPN to Enjoy the Match

Simply put, a VPN is the only way to enjoy geo-restricted football matches abroad. Whether on holiday or simply a fan in another country, a good VPN can allow you to catch all the action.

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