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Still Looking For Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Wife? We Have Got The Perfect Ones Here!

Instead of waiting for the day to come and then hurry up with some random purchases of gifts for your wife/girlfriend, here's a quick set of guidelines to buy the right things. Read ON!

“That’s what a good wife does, keeps your dreams alive even when you don’t believe anymore.”

Michael J. Sullivan, Age of Myth

Need we say more? You may fight like a cat and dog but by the end of the day, you find a home in each other's arms. While women are (in) famous for being a non-stop chatterbox but it is a fact when it comes to love, they just wish and don't really express. So, when she says that she doesn't need anything, take the hint and make it a special one for her. And even if she really doesn't want anything, there is no harm in surprising her, right? We, at City Flowers, bring you the choicest selection of romantic flowers for your wife that complements your feelings and doesn't break your budget! Flowers are the ultimate symbol of love and warmth and flowers make for the best gift out there! So, scroll down, order fresh flowers now for your better half and let your love bloom!

Smell the Roses

“You cannot steal the beauty of a rose, even if you cover it with thorns.” Nothing says, "I Love You" better than a bunch of roses. Imagine what a bouquet of 100 roses could do to justify your feelings? An absolutely beautiful choice to take her breath away! You can always spice things up, shake the feelings and stir them up by mixing them with other flowers! Gift her intoxicating present of red and white bouquet, representing the purity and passion of the relationship.

We All Want Something More, Don't We?

Do you know what's better than roses? A mixed bunch of roses, a greeting card with your message and chocolates! The best part is that it doesn't cost you a fortune! This pocket-friendly combo of flowers and gift is all you need, especially when it is your first Valentine’s together!

You Must Have Flowers, Flowers And Flowers

Win her heart over once again and rekindle the romance with the gift of a hand-tied bouquet of handpicked lilies, daisies and roses. What's more? You can spice things up with a teddy bear, chocolates, dry fruits and a greeting card. This all-inclusive 
package will complement your feeling for her in a never before manner. When the words fail to convey the gratitude and love you have for her, let the flowers do the talking for you!

All You Need Is Love and Some Chocolate, Now And Then

We have a scrumptious delight for a gift! Ferrero Rocher chocolates arranged and designed in the shape of a bouquet. We rest our case. Mic dropped! You can personalise it for 24 or 48 pieces of chocolate. Perfect for your better half if she has a sweet tooth!

Love Is And Will Always Be The Greatest GIFT.

A gift basket of lilies, gerberas, carnation and roses for your special someone. She deserves every bloom out there. A beautiful presentation to help you say and express your love and care for her.While these Valentine's Day flower gifts don't cost you a bomb, these let you convey your feelings on this very special day. Celebrate love with flowers and let your love bloom! Take her breath away with these flowers and let her know that the romantic in you is still there, alive and kicking! Your wife would love this surprise. So, don’t wait and order now!

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