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Top Careers for Traveling the World on Your Salary

Travel The World

To get paid to travel the world is one of the most cherished fantasies of many young students and employees stuck in a 9-to-5 with only two or three weeks of an annual vacation. Although it seems unrealistic to many, it is possible to get a job with frequent and prolonged travel and generous pay too. Let’s see what options you have.

Foreign Service Advisor

If you love to travel and issues like geopolitics, diplomacy, foreign policies, and international relations spark your interest, a career as a foreign service officer should be among your top choices. You will travel the world representing your beloved country and work on complex international issues like immigration or trade.

With a background in foreign policy and foreign affairs, there are plenty of other positions in diplomacy and international relations that you could seek out. Learn more about foreign policy and determine what you would see yourself doing, and which job combines best your dream of traveling, your skills, and your career aspirations.


If you get a job with a travel media outlet, such as a TV travel channel or a travel magazine, extended work-related trips will become the norm in your life. Also, many journalists and reporters who cover world news, politics, economy, and lifestyle travel a lot due to work assignments. You don’t have to be a travel journalist exclusively in order to travel you can also be an Inspirational Journalist (IJ) attending summits and covering positive impact stories.

If you’re not skilled with words, you can become a photojournalist. The potential for traveling is even greater, but the field is considered saturated. The greatest benefit as a journalist or photojournalist is that traveling for work allows you to get more immersed in the places you visit than typical tourists, which makes travel more rewarding.

Travel The World

Airline Pilot

Becoming a pilot is certainly a challenging career that might require more drive and motivation than others. However, if you succeed, you are set for a life of constant travel, where your hotel accommodation, local transportation, and meals are covered by your employer while on assignment.

Airline pilots get the chance to see the world in ways that are inaccessible to most people. However, their lives are fast-paced and stressful and their opportunities for sighting in the cities they fly to are limited. The layover might be only a couple of hours sometimes.

Cruise Ship Director

Cruise ships represent a huge sector of the travel industry. Working for a cruise ship guarantees that you will get to see at least the world’s largest and most beautiful port cities if not more of the inland. Among the most highly-paid positions, we find the cruise ship director. If you're looking for other specific positions you may want to have a look at this list where you would find Marella cruises job opportunities. Nonetheless, being the director you command a life of an elite with high levels of accountability.    Being a cruise ship manager requires you to take charge of many activities related to the entertainment of the guests and the well-functioning of life on deck. When the ship is docked, you can hop off along with the passengers and explore the new sights. Traveling the world does not have to be a distant dream for your retirement, nor do you have to sabotage your career goals to be able to travel. Depending on your industry and profession, there are many ways to combine a high salary with travel.

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