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They’ll Take You Anywhere: All About TikTok Hashtags & Video Descriptions

TikTok Videos The past year has been a tough one worldwide. People were forced to stay at home and not to meet their friends or relatives due to COVID19. Fortunately, those who fought depression from taking them over reinvented themselves during this period and developed new hobbies to kill time while being in quarantine. This is where TikTok kicks in. This video-focused app came in the right place and at the right time (although it also existed before COVID19) and became our ultimate savior.
The writing was on the wall, some might say. Creating visually compelling content is certainly a key point in social media engagement. Although the app doesn't offer a variety of content options such as Instagram's unique story, etc., TikTok functions as a breath of fresh air to the content people had been used to engage with on social platforms and offers an overall new and exciting experience in grinding for TikTok followers.

TikTok – A Platform Of Endless Inspiration

It's true; anyone could find entertainment to their liking on TikTok. Either if you're into lip-syncing videos, dancing-themed videos, or you're after videos where TikTokers reenact some scene or dialogue from your favorite movie, you can find it all there (and much more than that!). The thing is, in an app that's the ultimate place to be these days, the competition is high. It boasts infinite marketing opportunities that all we have to do to benefit from them is simply taking them in both hands and see where they get us. Some TikTok users often search for the best place to buy TikTok followers to keep up their growth.
Of course, we have to give the TikTok algorithm a word of praise because, without it, we wouldn't be able to become

TikTok Videos TikTok-famous, with thousands of TikTok likes in a matter of a few hours.

While TikTokers usually devote their time to thinking of new video ideas, hoping that if they rack their brains long enough, they could start the next viral trend on the app and become the next big TikTok thing. However, there's a common mistake people make while uploading TikTok videos. Continue reading to learn about it (and how to avoid it in the first place).

A Word About TikTok Video-Descriptions

Video-descriptions are about 1-2 sentences long (no longer than 100 words, including hashtags and tags), and tell your potential audience what they're about to watch in the video these words describe; namely, the descriptions provide more value and useful information about videos. You'd be surprised to hear how people tend to skip this part or merely leaf through it and don't pay it much attention, for being sure that it has no effect on the overall exposure a video gets.
While adding relevant hashtags to the images and stories on Instagram for them to be found with the hashtag searches is something once must know before getting started; unlike Instagram, on TikTok people become exposed to new content regularly through their feed, rather than manually searching for new videos, etc., via hashtags search. With that being said, it's recommended to use 3-7 hashtags in your new uploads to increase those videos' chances of being generated by TikTok's search and bring in more engagement. If you're still a TikTok amateur, you might wish to avoid using too-popular hashtags, for in such cases, your videos are less likely to be seen and discovered by others.

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