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GetPY Helps SMBs And Small Retailers Go Online With Their Business Ordering App

GetPY App GetPY is a Bengaluru-based (India) venture that has built a business ordering app that is organizing the unorganized SMB sector in the country. GetPY helps small retailers and SMBs take their business digital by enabling them with technology for receiving orders online and delivery. In a matter of three years of their inception, they already have 800+ retail stores on their platform from different parts of the country.

Going back in time, in the year 2000 or the dot-com era, every retailer wanted to become an e-commerce giant. Today, if you go to any market street in a small or a big city, you will find that almost everyone has tried to sell online, but most of them have not been successful because of the following reasons:

1. Price War: Local retailers trying to become global was a disaster.
2. Syncing of inventory with the offline store.
3. Lagging in competitive marketing.
4. Limited product options for the end customer.
5. Logistics issues like delivery optimizations & returns.
6. Complex-to-use Tech.

GetPY understood these issues beforehand and has been working towards resolving them. Before their pivot, while doing their market research, they realized that building something that is simple-to-use is very important for their market segment. Their customers are not tech-savvy, and the language is a barrier. GetPY is working on partly solving those issues, and empower the sector to achieve better growth.

Let us dive deeper into the story of GetPY:

1. We would love to get introduced to the Founder/s of GetPY.

Founders : Kirti Srivastava (CEO), Prabhu Srivastava (CTO)

Kirti Srivastava: CEO

GetPY App

Ms. Kirti Srivastava is a Tech Entrepreneur with comprehensive experience in software product conceptualization to delivery and maintenance. After spending approximately16 years in a corporate job with organizations like Oracle, Wipro, Cognizant, and Dell, she decided to pursue her passion to help small businesses and started her entrepreneurial journey by setting up and has since overseen Sales, strategy, and operations. She is a graduate of BITS, Pilani, and holds a master's degree in Software Systems. She is dedicated to building products to be at the forefront of the industry. She is responsible for sales and operations at Her strength is to be able to derive a process out of chaos. She dreams of the day when GetPY customers talk about GetPY products more than GetPY. She has been associated with many social initiatives for women and children and works as a volunteer with a charitable organization where she teaches underprivileged children in her free time.

Prabhu Srivastava: CTO

GetPY App

Prabhu is a computer science postgraduate from MNIT, Allahabad with a pioneering career of 24 years including 4 years of world-class experience that helped in building Global work culture, quality, and customer focus. His current focus is on making sense out of data by capturing, analyzing, and building actionable reports. He has been consistently applauded and recognized for technical, functional as well as managerial aptitude, which is a rare combination. His ability to handle multiple competing priorities in a fast-paced environment with excellent skills to build customer relationships including the ability to understand requirements beyond formal feature requests is worth a mention. He always recommends alternative technical and business approaches, and lead engineering efforts to meet aggressive timelines with optimal solutions, and guides teams through periods of uncertainty by combining a bold management style with innovation, and deep technical knowledge in the various technology landscape, with meticulous planning and flawless execution. He capitalizes on strong Technical acumen and natural leadership talents to steer teams in new directions. His skills are - Embedded, networking telecom, hardware design, firmware development, AI, ML, app development, and backend development.

2. What is the Vision of GetPY? How did this idea originate?

GetPY Vision:

India has lakhs of SMB who form the core of the Indian economy and society. They are the entrepreneurial pulse. We want to bring our energies together in bringing the power of technology to those entrepreneurs that help them grow.

We left our high salaried jobs and US because we always wanted to do something in this space. This is the most unorganized space and full of opportunities.

3. How did the name ‘GetPY’ come into place? What does it suggest?

GetPY App GetPY is read as ‘GET Pi’. Pi is a very interesting and mysterious number and it fascinates us.

4. Could you walk us through the journey of GetPY since its inception? What were the challenges and hardships faced in the journey?

GetPY journey started in September 2017. Our initial product offering was a digital receipt along with thank you messages. In the backend, we were collecting the data from the receipts and doing consumer behavior analysis for the merchants which they could use to run their campaigns based on the user behavior and could connect with their customers. As we wanted to scale better, we pivoted our product to cater to ordering challenges also for the SMB industry.

5. Entrepreneurship is a bumpy ride. What kept you going in the tough times of the venture?

Drive to build something that gets sold by word of mouth and customers sell for us.

Our passion to build something useful for our customers that they use and talk about. We always wanted to build a product that gets sold through word of mouth. Every challenge gives us even higher energy.

6. What is your opinion on the importance of data for the growth of Small retailers? How do you facilitate the same?

GetPY App Data is important for every business - small or big. If any business, fails to use data for growth, it’s preparing for failure. In our web app, the retailer can see what people are searching for (so that he can stock those items), he can see how many people have added products to their cart and not placed the order. He can also see complete consumer analysis and basket analysis to design his combo offers.

7. How are you funded? Are you planning to raise any Funding?

Silicon Road Ventures has invested in us (pre-seed) and apart from that, we have won many Grants like Elevate Karnataka, Ajman university innovation challenge, and many others. Yes, we just started with our seed round.

8. We would like to know some statistical and other achievements of GetPY.

More than 800 stores had subscribed to our solution. Post pandemic, we had a churn but we are slowly recovering.

You can get information regarding awards, accomplishments, etc. at -

9. Given the geographical spread of clients, how do you manage hiring and operational requirement?

We have served clients in UAE, India, and Australia. Currently, we are focusing only on India to gain a stronger network and connections in one region.

GetPY App 10. What are your thoughts on the importance of collaboration for business growth?

We have partnerships with POS vendors, distributors, and re-seller partners. We are always looking for expanding our sales partners and collaborations.

11. What are your short-term and long-term business goals? Are there any expansion plans on the cards?

The immediate short-term goal is to recover revenue loss in the past 9 months and I’m positive that we should be able to do it. Our long term goal is to scale the reach of our application to 50 million users.

12. What is your message for aspiring Entrepreneurs?
Always be a learner and a hustler, your grit and patience will definitely pay off. Be focused. Don’t ever let go of the 3 H’s - your hunger for success, humility, and hard work. To follow more updates about GetPY, visit their Website or connect to them on Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram

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