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Ranking Higher On Bing Search: What You Need To Know

Ranking Higher On Bing Search Google often comes to mind when we talk about developing an effective SEO strategy. However, what most marketers overlook is the potential of Bing as a lucrative channel. In fact, Microsoft’s tool has grown significantly over the last few years and has been more open about its ranking factors.
Statistics show that Bing was the second most popular search engine in the United Kingdom. As a result, understanding optimization techniques for Bing can help you attract even more visitors to your website. To help you expand your knowledge on Bing SEO, we will cover key steps you can follow to make sure your content is optimized.

Build Quality Backlinks

Firstly, it is crucial to emphasize that Bing SEO values link quality over quantity. This means that you should not try to obtain as many backlinks as possible. Instead, be sure to gain links from authoritative websites that are trusted by Bing. Remember that Bing considers age to be a sign of trust, so finding links from old domains can be helpful. In comparison, it is advisable to stay away from paid links, link schemes, or links from hacked websites. Additionally, you should always focus on developing engaging and relevant content that your readers will want to share.

Ensure Mobile Optimisation

Mobile optimization is a key factor in any search engine due to the increasing number of users who rely on mobile devices. Bing is no exception and as a result, it will not promote pages that have not been optimized for mobile use. You can take advantage of SEO services in Edinburgh to ensure your website works flawlessly across all formats. For example, Moda.digital offers a range of Web development services that will boost your rankings by ensuring a seamless mobile experience. The most important result is that users will be satisfied as they navigate your website more easily.

Ranking Higher On Bing Search Use Exact Keywords

Although Google has started to understand the meaning behind users’ searches, Bing favors exact search results and keyword usage. Because of this, you should ensure you integrate as many exact keywords as possible into your strategy. Keep in mind that you should still make them flow naturally in your content.
As a result, Bing will rank domains with exact matching keywords higher. Moreover, although Google has dismissed the importance of meta keywords, this is not the case with Bing. Therefore, you will also need to include your keywords in alt tags and meta descriptions.

Focus on Social Media:
Another important ranking factor that is not favored by Google as much is the impact of social media. Bing takes into account how many times a link has been reshared or retweeted on social media. Also, its knowledge graph gathers information from Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. It tracks the number of your followers, recent posts, and tweets. If your content is shared widely by different users, Bing will receive positive signals.
The search engine is against shady social media tactics that enable businesses to gain many followers too quickly. As a result, in order to succeed with your Bing SEO strategy, you will need to follow effective social media techniques.

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