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All You Need To Know About The Latest In Wearable Health And Wellness Technology

Latest In Wearable Health And Wellness Technology
Digital technology is fast changing in the health and wellness industry. Fitness enthusiasts can now collect important health metrics to increase the quality of life. And the trend is not about to end soon. Deloitte Global predicts that 300 million health and wellness devices will ship worldwide in 2022.
By 2025, more than 450 million new units will hit the market. These numbers include medical health wearables that are often recommended by healthcare professionals. It’s also estimated that 30% of US adults use health and wellness devices. Here's what you need to know about the latest in wearable health and wellness technology.
Qardiocore Wearable ECG EKG Monitor
QardioCore is based on breakthrough technologies and records heart performance with precision. It’s designed for persons with a history of heart-related issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. In addition, it documents ECG data, respiratory rate, and activity. This information gives health professionals an insight into the patient’s overall heart health. QardioCore is splash and rain-resistant so people can use it without compromising their comfort and lifestyle. Even better, the real-time data sharing feature offers a new way to manage chronic conditions. The ECG monitor is compatible with IOS devices.
MorePro Heart Rate Monitor
This device is designed to track the heart rate anytime, anywhere. It features innovative HR&Sp-O2 technology and detailed graphs for accurate analysis. MorePro comes with a 1.14-inch IPS color screen that is easier to read even in the sun. Users can also pair with an intelligent activity tracker to accurately track the calories burned, walking distance, and activity time. The battery life is also impressive. On a full charge, users can monitor their heart rate for five days before running out of power. The MorePro heart rate monitor is compatible with Android 4.4 and IOS 8.0 or higher.
MUSE 2: The Brain Sensing Headband
MUSE 2 uses the latest technology to help the user find calm and stay focused. This multi-sensor mediation device provides real-time data on heart rate, brain activity, and breathing. MUSE works by translating mental activity into guiding sounds and synchronizes the heartbeat to find stillness.
As the focus drifts, one enters an immersive soundscape where the heartbeat is played back in real-time. This is the best wearable device for mental wellness for those who want to relieve stress and improve performance. It’s compatible with android 8 and Apple 12.2 or higher. MUSE 2 is more accurate than comparable devices.
Latest In Wearable Health And Wellness Technology

Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Fitness Health Tracker
This device allows the user to set daily management scores and shows the body’s response to stress. The EDA sensor session highlights the steps to take to improve mindfulness while maintaining physical fitness. It tracks heart rate variability, SP02, skin temperature, and more. The built-in GPS will help to monitor outdoor activity in real-time. Fitbit Charge 5 gives advanced analytics and personalized insights to track calorie burn and maximize workouts. Unlike the predecessor, Charge 5 feels more like a bracelet. It comes with straps that are easy to swap with the Apple watch. The device is also easy to interact with during those sunny days.
LIFTiD tDCS Device
This is a neurostimulation device that helps to maximize focus, attention, and alertness. It allows the user to maintain a positive mindset to reduce stress and mind fog. Unlike performance enhancers like stimulants, the LIFTiD empowers the brain to realize the potential within for the best outcome. Another feature that makes this device unique is the flexible electrodes and comfortable headband. Most users also like the stylish and lightweight design. Whether one is studying for an exam or writing a paper, the tDCS device helps the brain to activate neurons. This product is not approved by FDA, but the benefits are based on science.
Bluetooth Oxygen Meter Health Tracker
This is a smart wearable smart pulse oximeter that automatically monitors the heart rate, body motion, and SP02. It gives intuitive health insights like overnight oxygen levels and gives professional reports. The built-in memory can store four data sessions – the oldest one is overwritten by the fifth. On a full charge, the tracker can run for 72 hours. This means that one can use the device for nine nights without recharging it. The health tracker comes with a free app for IOS and Android devices. There’s also an adjustable audio reminder that wakes the user if the oxygen saturation in the blood level falls below the recommended levels.
Tech giants and startups are leveraging technology to meet the growing demand for health wearables. It’s no wonder many health experts recommend the above devices to monitor different conditions like heart rate, blood pressure, depression, anxiety, etc. With the right metrics in place, wearable devices are indeed a step in the right direction. In the coming years, these devices will be an invaluable form of treatment.

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