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10 Recently Released Books To Follow & Read

The reading landscape is changing. There are more books to read than you can imagine. From Fiction- Child Fiction, Sci-Fi, YA, to even non-fiction, the bookshelves are bright with books. Statistics show that close to 689 million units of print books sold in 2019 in the USA alone. Moreover, more than 33.5 million e-books were sold in the USA in the same period.

But have you not inculcated the habit of reading in your life yet? Reading has several benefits. Here are some of them:

  1. Helps you sharpen your brain
  2. Enhances Imagination
  3. Improves your writing skills
  4. Helps you sleep better
  5. Upgrades your Vocabulary & Communication Skills
  6. Increases your Knowledge
Are you looking for some good recommendations?

Well, then here is a list of 10 books from different genres & with inspiring concepts that might encourage you to get on to this bandwagon of reading:

LIV The Beginning by Sara Louisa:

If you are Sci-Fi fanatic like many of us are, you cannot miss grabbing this nail-biting sci-fi book. Away from flying spaceships and extraterrestrial fights, this book is a story of a young girl named ‘LIV’ who grows up from being a five-year-old to be a teenager with a sleeping disorder.
Things were all fine until her eighteenth birthday, post which her peaceful dreams in the night take a sharp turn to become nightmares that she is no longer able to separate from reality. The mystery unfolds as she is on the quest to find out the meaning of her dreams that would change reality completely.

If this synopsis of the story has left you intrigued, this is the book for you!

Optimum Nutrition For Vegans by Patrick Holford:
Planning to turn vegan but worried if you can manage to get enough proteins and other nutrients? ‘Optimum Nutrition For Vegans’ is your health guide to look out for. It shares several aspects of nutrition for a vegan.

You can learn the extensive benefits of a plant-based diet, sources of omega-3 fats, tips to maintain the vitamins and mineral levels in your body, and the details of what to eat and the combinations.

Hence, this proves to be a go-to guide for all vegan-aspirants who lack the confidence to take the leap.

Cojones: Grow a Pair for Success! by Keith G Fraser:

Besides being the author of this book, Keith Fraser is a successful Public Speaker & Blogger. If you feel that you live a life that others wanted you to live, and it is poles-apart from the kind of life you would wish, this book is a wake-up call for you.
This book would inspire you to take control of your life, not let others dictate, and steer your life in the direction you wanted to. It is a blueprint to living a life of genuine authenticity and success. It is a unique book with a mix of psychological aspects like NLP alongside ten commandments of Cojones to help you lead a successful life.

Mental Rockstar by YuJin Wong:
Challenging phases often become a part of the lives of many of us; what helps us come out of those phases is our sheer resilience and mental strength.

The author of this book Mr. YuJin Wong was no exception to this. In the book, he takes the readers on the journey of his personal life- of how did he come out of suicide-inducing despair to become an award-winning international speaker, life coach, hypnotherapist, and fitness model for Men’s Health Magazine.

He has documented the steps and attitudes that helped him, in form of a framework called ‘R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. Framework’. It can help you break your mental conditioning and barriers, discover the full potential by aligning your brain and mind to help you achieve your life goals.

If you are going through a tough phase, or have just come out of one and need a strong booster for your life ahead, this book is for you.

What We Call Love by Esther Huescas:

‘Love’ is a perspective and is differently understood by everyone. If you love Teen Fiction, you might want to pick this up. This book is a story of five teenagers who belong to the minority youth category of how they travel through the journey of relationships while trying to figure out their passions and dreams.
The story is based on five minority youth of Chicago, and takes you through the challenges and acceptances that come along with being one; the friendships, and other realities of life that could either make or break them. The young Adult journey comes along with the aspect of ‘Love’ and perceptions around it. If you love such tales, this one can be well for you.

The Elemental Stone: A Mortaran Novel by Madelaine Taylor:
A historical fiction based in times of Kings, Queens, Prince, and Princess; this is a tale of a girl called ‘Lana’. It is book one in the series of Morataran Novels. As a young girl, Lana always dreamt of visiting a dream city called ‘Southport’, the capital city of Mortara, meeting the queen, and the lords.
But life is always unpredictable. It takes a dramatic turn as she finds her family in the hands of an abusive lord, pleading in front of the queen for freedom. Life takes a turn again, and she happens to befriend a princess, a warrior, a huntress, a thief, and a lore keeper. Rescuing the princess becomes the objective of Lana’s life, but will she be able to do so? Check it out in the book.

The Impossible Dream by Calvin and Carol Conkey, Allyson Baldwin:

This book is for you if you believe that there is a supreme power above us ‘God’ who, if we have faith in him, helps us do the undoable, reach the goals and dreams that might have seemed to be impossible. Every chapter in this book would only strengthen your belief and faith in him that he is taking you towards the goals. There is nothing that is ‘too big’ for him. This book will instill the faith in you that if he can plant the dream in your heart, he will show you the path to make it possible as well.

How Games Get Made by Emma Schaale:
Have you ever wondered how Professional Twitch-streamers and gamers make their living? How does the life of game developers look? Or how does the gaming industry function?
If yes, then this is a must-read for you. In this book, Emma Schaale takes us through a deep dive into the lives of game developers through the interviews of David Cage from a game-development company called Quantic Dream, Feargus Urquhart of Obsidian Entertainment, and Sean Baptiste of Bethesda, and many others. In this book, you would get the answers to your questions relating to the gaming industry, including the ones relating to the employment stability in the industry, or an experience of solo-developing a game from the scratch. You can also learn how the games are marketed through traditional mediums, as well as through platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

The Crystal Conjurer by María Pagán:

It is a tale of a woman named ‘Alula’ who is blessed with a sacred art- she is a ‘Crystal Conjurer’. She is destined to become the wife of a conjurer Fausto who is infamous for his cruelties. It is late, but she gets to know about her sacred art and that the Conjurer Fausto is after her power, from her long-forgotten brothers. She has to leave the palace, but it is surrounded by an unending desert. Hence, it is the tale of her escape, how she traverses through the desert in search of the truth of her past, and her family.

If you are ready to get immersed in the journey of Alula, pick up the copy, and join Maria while she narrates the journey.

Are You with Me Now? by Shelley Little Maw:
If you are an educational assistant, teacher, personal support worker, child & youth worker, friend, or family of the Children with special needs, this book is for you. In this book, Shelley shares her experience and the journey of being an educational assistant for 15 years. She shares her struggles as an educational assistant, heart-breaking stories, and the struggles of four children with special needs Sophia, Jacob, Emma, and Ethan who have various physical disabilities, learning disabilities and delays, and behavioral challenges.

She shares her journey from feeling inadequate to help the children on the first day of being an educational assistant, to the life-changing moments in the lives of children because of her persistence. In the words of Shelley, she along with the children together learned the nitty-gritty of building one-on-one relationships, the power of strong connection, forgiveness, and faith amidst disconnections, behavioral breakdowns, and some threatening situations.

While it is always difficult to choose ten from the plethora of new releases, this list is compiled with the purview to provide you with some worthy recommendations to read. We hope that a worthwhile read from this list. What are your thoughts on the books and this article? Tweet them to us @iuemag_com
Do you have any other recommendations for books? Feel free to share the name of the book and the author in the comments below.

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