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An interview with Dr. Divakar Bhat - Chief Cardiac Surgeon at Mallya hospital

What is heart attack?
Heart attack is sudden stoppage of blood supply to heart muscles; person will experience severe squeezing intolerable chest pain with giddiness and sweating. If proper treatment is given on time muscle damage can be prevented or reduced.

What is the main cause for the heart diseases?
Lack of physical work is the main reason. People are becoming affluent with food and are not involved in any physical activity! They don't know how to burn the calories. In other words, they don't know how to spend the energy.

Why the percentage of the victims is increasing day by day?
As I mentioned before, people are getting food easily now a days. But, in earlier days it was otherwise. i.e. people used to eat less and work more. To add on to that, stress of modern life. Diabetes, Hypertension and many other diseases are manifested by doctors in different names.
an interview with dr divakar bhat,surgeon
Why mostly it is heard people saying, the sufferers of the diabetes have more chances of suffering from the heart diseases?
Very true! Because diabetic patients have thick blood and which slows down circulation of blood in the veins of the body. Thick blood results in blockages. Diabetes not only affects heart but also kidney, liver and many other parts of the body. When it specifically affects heart then we call it as Diabetic heart! The diabetes and heart problem go hand in hand.

Why the ratio of men is more than of women in suffering heart problems? The main reason is stress. Men usually take a lot of stress on them. They are mostly the victims of the bad habits; and mainly
tobacco consuming. Stress and tobacco is a deadly combination! Stress is more in men and as well tobacco consuming; resulting in more heart problems.

What food diets do you advice people to be healthy and to maintain a healthy heart?
I advise GO GREEN. Avoid non vegetarian items. Non veg is the reason. It contains highest amount of cholesterol and also avoid all dairy products. We doctors group dairy products also under non veg. No vegetable contains cho-lesterol.

What are precautionary measures that one should take to avoid the heart diseases?
First very important thing is diet. Secondly, avoid non vegetarian products and do more physical exercise. Give work to your body. For example, prefer staircase than lift; Instead of hiring taxi for one or two kilometers, prefer walking.. If people inculcate these habits, they will definitely stay healthy.

How to detect heart problems?
Heart problems can be detected by simple ECG (electro cardiogram), Echo Cardiography orTreadmill test (TMT). If any of these basic tests show any changes that person will be subjected for angiogram i.e. injecting the dye into the coronary arteries and taking cine photographs. When patient is having ongoing heart attack with chest pain few blood tests will be of use.
They say heart patients should not jog, it might ruin their health. What do you say about this?
Not necessarily! I advise heart patients to do wrist walk daily. In fact it is a must. I also advise jogging to heart patients but after a thorough check up. Based on the condition of the patient, I advise further steps.

A message to our readers!
God has gifted something to us, believing that we are responsible and have good wisdom to take care of this life organ called heart. Don't be careless and never be irresponsible. Because, everything comes at a cost and you have to pay for it someday.

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