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Life Is A Boomerang

On St Valentine's Day, we naturally turn to thoughts of LOVE. And what's not to like about love? We all love love. We love to fall in love, be in love, make love, feel loved. We love doing what we love, look-ing at what we love, buying what we love, going places we love, listening to what we love. Whenever we experience love, we feel totally energized; on top of the world! That's because love is more than just a fantastic feeling - love is a power.
life is a boomerang,law of attraction
If you can harness the power of love and use it consistently, you are taking a major step toward transforming your life. All you have to do is choose. Choose love every day. Feel love wherever you go and share it with everyone you meet. Of course, I don't mean hopping into bed with every person who crosses your path! I mean consciously closing your mind to whatever you don't love and only dwelling on that which you do. When you do that, magic happens!

For love is a boomerang. When you have loving thoughts, love bounces back to you in one form or another. How so? Well, all thoughts have a magnetic frequency. Negative thoughts have a different frequency from positive thoughts. Think of a magnet - it attracts like elements into its magnetic field and repels everything else. When you send thoughts of love out there, they attach themselves to whatever is vibrating at a similar frequency, so that's what will be returned to you. It's called the Law of Attraction and is one of the universe's invariable laws, like gravity. Like attracts like. Give love - and love will be returned to you. Perhaps in the form of a favour, or a beautiful smile. It's still love.

You can have so much fun with this. Instead of complaining that the bus is late, admire a beautiful tree. Ignore the couple screaming at each other - smile instead at the baby sitting in his pram. My rule is - if it makes me smile, then I'm loving it! I send love to dogs and cats; even to pigeons. I sent love to people in the street. If they look miserable, I wish them a sudden romance. If they look poor, I wish them a winning lottery ticket. It's guaranteed to lift your mood!

Love can work wonders. A friend of mine was com-plaining bitterly about her husband. "I hate the way he..." "It drives me mad when he...". After half an hour of this, I said, "Why don't you tell me what you DO like about him?" She was completely taken aback. "Go on - there must be something", I insisted. She told me his good points. I suggested she write them down and focus on them for a month, ignoring the bad. She did so. She grew more loving towards him. He responded. After the month, she exclaimed, "We've fallen in love all over again!"
life is a boomerang,law of attraction
Buoyed by her success, I tried love on a problem pupil I had. Wild and disruptive, he was the despair of his teachers and disliked by his classmates. My heart sank whenever he walked in the door - and I only had him one hour a week. But by switching my negative thoughts about him to loving ones, things gradually improved. He grew calmer. By the end of term, he was a model student. His mother was amazed. "I don't know what you've done to Alexander, but it's a miracle!" I didn't tell her it was love. She might have got the wrong idea. So do yourself a favour. Love everything and everyone you see! Love your world and everything in it. Love your job (even if you hate it - just think how lucky you are to have it at all), love your boss (even though he's awful), love your salary (even if you think it's too low - where would you be without it?)
It's so much fun, but not easy to keep up, day in, day out. It requires effort. Just keep in mind though - love is a boomerang. If you put it out there, it HAS to come back to you!

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Judith Campbell
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